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How does Canada’s public pension system measure up globally?

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Michael Anthony Pope:

Just sticking to facts i find i cannot afford to live in Canada any more I have worked since 1950 . i am better off living in Philippines and doing without health care . Eating a severely limited diet at age 84. I do not receive any Guaranteed income supplement. Ok I do not spend GIS in Canada now but if I got it but I could by buying from Canadian Suppliers for all material goods and filing my receipts with my Tax return. I cost my mother country nothing for health care or any other benefit yet I still file income tax and pay it . Bad deal for Canada and myself. If I could afford to live in Canada I would but rents and food and clothing left me at below the poverty level in my old home area in West Vancouver. You should be encouraging Canadian Seniors to move to warmer climes and live longer and cost the Canadian Taxpayers and earners less. . I have real issues with calling this the “Guaranteed Income Supplement.” — Why restrict the increase to only the GIS why not the basic OAS or CPP I worked almost exactly the same amount of time in USA and Canada yet my US Social Sec. amounts to US $ 818 and my combined OAS ans OASD is CAN.$ 718 Is This the thanks for working for years at below standard wages in Canadian Defence industry and Federal Gov. Research I used to be proud to be a Canadian now i have my doubts

Wednesday, July 19 at 5:05 am | Reply


I am in the ‘same boat’. Notice that this gentleman is talking about retirement in the Philippines, one of the cheapest countries in S.E. Asia, rather than Thailand. For me it’ll be one of two other cheap countries – Cambodia or India. And I too am curious why the retirement scheme is so complicated and domicile-dependent.

Monday, July 29 at 12:27 am | Reply

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