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OAS changes following global trend

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CARP has lost all credibility by cnlatsotny asking for more without giving any thought to where the money comes from. “Reform” in CARP’s dictionary likely reads “voting for yourself unearned entitlements”.

Wednesday, July 18 at 7:19 am | Reply


Retirement age(for collecting OAS) sohuld remain as it is. This country has cut back many services over the years therefore volunteers are required within many organizations. If people are required to work until they drop then service organizations will suffer accordingly. People won’t be volunteering when they have minimal healthy retirement years left. There are many avenues to cutting cost, among them definitely is MP’s pensions. In addition, I think that immigrants to this country sohuld be citizens for twenty years before qualifying. Seniors who have worked a lifetime to earn retirement sohuld be left alone.

Monday, September 24 at 7:48 pm

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