A majority of Canadians are in favour of expanding the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), according to a poll.

A survey released exclusively to CARP by The Forum Poll shows that 53% want CPP contributions increased so benefits can be expanded, compared with 34% who disagree.

Agreement is highest among those 65 and older (67%) and very high in the Prairies (65%), but not in Quebec (46%) or Alberta (47%).

More than half of Canadians agree that the CPP’s target of replacing about one-quarter of pre-retirement income is “too little” (52%), while just more than one-quarter think it is “about right” (28%). Very few think this target is “too much” (6%).

Close to one half agree it’s better to expand CPP contributions and benefits (45%), rather than allowing provinces to create their own supplementary pension plans (23%) as Ontario has proposed. Twenty percent reject both these options, and 12% don’t have an opinion.

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