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The great CPP debate: Expanding the CPP is a golden opportunity

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JP Laporte:

The original CPP expansion reform was of a voluntary second tier to the CPP, one that would share the best features of the current sides of the debate (Big CPP vs PRPP): economies of scale and professional management a la CPPIB, with the absence of a payroll tax-like as the PRPP legislation offers. The one objection levied against this original vision was that it was voluntary and therefore doomed to failure. I notice that TFSAs are voluntary (and capped quite low in terms of contributions) and yet, over 8 million Canadians bothered to seek one and register. Billions of dollars have been transferred into them as well. What the TFSA experience tells us is that Canadians deserve more credit than what the pundits and so called experts claim. They will react positively to a properly designed savings vehicle like the Supplemental CPP.

Thursday, February 06 at 8:16 am | Reply

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