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In the current market environment, institutional investors worried about cash management want advance notice of when capital calls are coming, says Stuart Waugh, managing partner at Northleaf Capital Partners. In response, Northleaf has created a new matrix to help institutional investors. “We actually built a matrix of all of our investors across all of our […]


In the current market environment, liquidity is top of mind for pension plans, says Jason Campbell, principal at Eckler Ltd. For example, despite a company’s potential work stoppages, it’s still responsible for benefit payments, as well as paying capital calls on investments as they come due. Some firms in the private markets space are trying […]


While many organizations are grappling with how to incorporate artificial intelligence into their investment or back-office processes, the Alberta Investment Management Corp. has found a way to do it that’s scalable and has potential for commercialization. The AIMCo started down this journey because it realized that if it didn’t adopt AI and machine learning, it […]

  • By: Avery Page
  • March 20, 2020 December 13, 2020
  • 09:17

Private capital funds are increasingly turning to subscription credit facilities, which can have their advantages but also come along with risks, according to new research by Preqin Ltd. Subscription credit facilities provide short-term loans to cover transactional costs for private capital funds, so they don’t have to make capital calls to investors. While their use […]