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Move to 18-month parental leave criticized as ‘misguided’

The federal government’s plan to extend employment insurance parental benefits to 18 months is “misguided” and “sets a bad precedent,” according to a number of employer and employee representatives discussing the changes on Thursday in front of the Senate committee on social affairs, science and technology. “The low EI maternity and parental benefit rate is […]

Elder care costs Canadians $27B annually in lost income, vacation

Taking care of elderly parents costs Canadians $27 billion a year in lost income and foregone vacation time, a report by CIBC Capital Markets has found.  “Close to 30 per cent of workers with parents over the age of 65 lose roughly 450 hours per year of time off work to attend to the care needs […]

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  • May 8, 2017 September 13, 2019
  • 09:32
New ruling muddies the waters for employers dealing with family status accommodation

A ruling by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario at the end of 2016 could make it easier for employees to bring claims for family status discrimination against their employers. The case, Misetich v. Value Village Stores Inc., involved an employee who had refused to accept certain proposed scheduling changes designed to accommodate her physical limitations. The […]