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In April 2022, Yelp expanded its insurance coverage for travel expenses for out-of-state medical procedures to include abortion. The increased coverage arrived three weeks before the leak of a first draft of a U.S. Supreme Court opinion poised to strike down the historic Roe v. Wade ruling, which guaranteed all American women the right to […]

An important part of a workplace wellness program is supporting employees’ physical fitness, but Rocky Mountain Soap Co. isn’t just encouraging its employees to be active — it pays them to do it. Since 2011, the soap maker has offered 45-minute morning fitness classes three times a week to employees at its Canmore, Alta. headquarters. […]

Measuring value of workforce important in supporting, retaining employees

Canadian chief financial officers are examining the true value of their employees. Brookfield Asset Management Inc. measured the value of its workforce as part of a project led by The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project. The purpose, according to a press release, was to increase the effectiveness in how the company organizes, develops and deploys […]

Economical Insurance staff give back to the community

Employees at Economical Insurance are giving back to the community this holiday season to the tune of $32,500. The insurance company’s workforce has chosen 13 community-based organizations, with each receiving a $2,500 donation. To date, the charity program has donated $157,500 to local causes. “Economical’s Choose Your Charity campaign shows we’re stronger together when our employees give back […]

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In helping employees save for their future, the Royal Bank of Canada recognizes the importance of meeting its staff where they are on their financial journeys. Over the past few years, the bank noticed employees weren’t saving enough into its pension plans. In particular, new hires and younger workers who were invited to join the […]

Getting his daily exercise in at his workplace’s fitness centre did more than help Citigroup Inc. employee Jag Singh shrink his waist by a full pant size. It also helped bring a sense of clarity and freshness to his workday. “That’s really what’s changed for me,” said Singh, who works as a senior application programmer […]

Golf Town nudges employees with online communication platform

Golf Town Ltd. is giving its workforce a little nudge to help get its communications across. Last year, the retailer connected with Nudge Rewards Inc., introducing the technology company’s mobile platform to facilitate the way it communications with employees. “They were talking about how to engage and communicate with employees, and we have multiple locations across Canada and we […]

Bell walks towards wellness

When the calendar turns to May, employees at Bell strap on their walking shoes. Last year, during the company’s mental-health week, Bell started a walking challenge, says Marie-Josée Boivin, vice-president of human resources. “So our employees could either join a team or create a team, but for a full month, people were counting their steps […]

A look at one company’s experience with pharmacogenetic testing

At General Electric Co. Canada, part of Dr. Sol Sax’s job as consultant and medical director is to support and refine the company’s disability management process. That process includes everything from how the company helps to prevent workers from going on disability to monitoring them while they’re away and supporting their return to work. As part of its […]

How WSP Global strives to conquer the commuting conundrum

Commuting is a part of daily life for almost 16 million Canadians, with the average person spending 24 minutes driving or 45 minutes on public transit to get to work, according to figures from the 2016 census. The roads are, of course, getting busier as the number of commuters has grown by 3.7 million over […]