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With the rise in socially responsible investing and quantitative strategies, are institutional investors that incorporate environmental, social and governance factors making markets less efficient and increasing mispricing signals? The link between socially responsible investing and the efficacy of signals used by quantitative investors is explored in a new working paper by Jie Cao, associate professor […]


When sell-side stock analysts tell the public to buy, they may in fact be whispering sell to their institutional investor clients, according to a new working paper by Yushui Shi, a PhD candidate at the University of California, Irvine. The paper, which is based on data from China, looks at mutual fund managers voting for […]


Fintech includes four areas, all of which are changing the financial industry in different ways. These include peer-to-peer financing, robo-advising or systematic asset management, decentralized finance and machine learning and artificial intelligence, said Campbell Harvey, professor of finance at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, during a panel at the Northern Finance Association’s conference in […]

While challenges still exist for women in finance, many are navigating success in this world in different ways. A panel delved into this topic at the Northern Finance Association conference in Vancouver in September 2019. It featured Irem Demirci, an assistant professor of finance at Portugal’s Nova School of Business and Economics; Lisa Kramer, a […]