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Uber is giving its U.K. drivers the minimum wage, pensions and holiday pay, following a recent court ruling that said they should be classified as workers and entitled to such benefits. The ride hailing giant’s announcement March 16 comes after it lost an appeal last month at the U.K. Supreme Court following a yearslong court […]

Uber Canada’s new proposal for provinces to force the tech giant and other mobile application-based companies to offer gig workers some benefits is facing pushback from advocacy groups and employment lawyers, with some saying the plan will still leave gig workers paid less than minimum wage and without job security. The company unveiled its pitch, […]

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Uber Technologies Inc. is asking provincial governments across Canada for regulatory changes that would force the tech giant and other app-based companies to offer gig workers benefits and safety protections. The San Francisco-based company said Wednesday it wants the provinces to require app-based gig employers to accrue benefits funds for workers and provide safety tools […]

Uber drivers in Britain should be classed as “workers” and not self-employed, the U.K. Supreme Court ruled Feb. 19, in a decision that threatens the company’s business model and holds broader implications for the so-called gig economy. The ruling paves the way for Uber drivers to get benefits such as paid holidays and the minimum wage, handing defeat […]


The WeWork saga has been ever-present in financial headlines in recent months. The brief version of the story can be summarized in a few steps: WeWork, a company involved in subleasing buildings had been raising venture money in the private markets with valuations as high as $47 billion. One of its main investors was the […]

The New Industrial Revolution

How aggregation theory is changing the world

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