Almost half (46%) of Canadian millennials are not taking their full allotment of vacation days, significantly higher than the national average (36%), according to new research by TD.

Its survey found that the top reasons for this are a heavy workload, cited by 31% of respondents, and not being able to afford to travel, cited by 29%.

Some 89% of millennial respondents said time off work is important for personal growth so they can focus on other interests.

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“Many of the millennials I coach set high expectations for themselves when it comes to professional advancement, but it’s important for them to recognize that taking time off can actually benefit their work life,” said Hellen Buttigieg, life coach and founder of We Organize U.

“Making time for yourself can help boost productivity and makes employees better equipped to handle challenging tasks, clients or colleagues.

“To avoid the anxiety that comes with leaving a heavy workload behind, book time off during slower periods and space out the days throughout the year.”

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