Technology firms have long been known as leaders in the realms of quirky employee benefits and workplaces of the future – with large companies such as Google, Facebook and Skype springing to mind.

But Automattic, a tech startup with 315 employees scattered across the globe, is raising the bar with its hiring practices, remote working opportunities and unique benefits for staff, according to Business Insider.

The standouts include:

  • Almost all employees work from home, despite the company’s dog-friendly office in San Francisco, where dinner is served every evening.
  • Remote workers receive a budget of $2,500 to decorate their home offices, plus a new Mac or any other technology that is required.
  • What the company saves on officesspace, it spends on travel, allowing its employees to meet up in exotic location across the globe.
  • Hiring new employees starts at the top, with the company’s CEO spending one-third of his time looking at resumes and screening applicants.

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