Digital health platform League has launched a full benefits platform called League Benefits.

The platform has been designed to help organizations deliver personal spending accounts, health spending accounts and corporate wellness programs to their employees.

“Today’s workforce believes that health is a daily pursuit,” said Michael Serbinis, CEO and founder of League. “Unfortunately, only a fraction of people actually use their health benefits because they are largely irrelevant to today’s employees. Despite this, costs continue to increase for employers.

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“The idea is simple,” continued Serbinis. “We make it easy for people to use their benefits. We make it easy for companies to provide health coverage their employees actually want. And we only make them pay for what they use. By offering relevant, modern health programs, companies can differentiate themselves to attract and retain the best talent.”

League Benefits includes:

  • League Spending Accounts, which can be provided to each employee to compliment existing health coverage or to be used as a performance reward. The spending accounts are connected directly to the League app, making it easy for users to select their method of payment.
  • League Group Benefits, which will give employers control over their costs through complete transparency and provide employees with flexibility to build the coverage that’s right for them.
  • League Wellness, which could include yoga classes, workshops or a massage day.

The platform tracks employee usage and only invoices companies for what the employees use. Accessed through a dedicated web app, it also includes a catalogue of services featuring local health providers that conduct workshops, seminars, bootcamps and classes, as well as half- and full-day clinics.

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