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Benefits Canada Live: Expanding access to high-quality health care with telemedicine

Date and time:Thursday, May 28, 2:00 – 3:00 PM EST

While the quality of Canadian health care is widely regarded as among the best in the world, convenient access to high-quality health care is a challenge due to a nationwide shortage of doctors and increased demands for care. The good news is telemedicine can ease the burden on the system and help Canadians get the quality care they need, when they need it. This webinar will address how leading Canadian employers are taking action by investing in telemedicine services that enable employees and their family members to consult with Canadian board-certified and licensed doctors — anytime, anywhere. The results include better health, improved employee satisfaction, reduced absenteeism and greater workforce productivity.

Dave Angus, president, Johnston Group
Dr. Hanif Jamal, Canadian medical director, Teladoc Health

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Past webinars:

Benefits Canada Live: Coronavirus and chronic disease: What are the effects of your workforce?

Date and time: Thursday, May 21, 1:30 – 2:30 PM EST

How does coronavirus affect those suffering from chronic disease and how can employers help? Did you know chronic conditions affect more than 50 per cent of the workforce and these numbers are on the rise? With many employees forced out of their normal routines, they need more support now than ever to understand and manage their conditions. This webinar provided perspective on the size of the chronic disease problem, identified how employees are managing during the crisis and provided tips on what employers can do to provide the best possible support.

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Benefits Canada Live: Current health-care policies impacting private drug coverage

Date and time: Tuesday, May 12, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST

This webinar discussed the pharmaceutical industry’s efforts during the coronavirus crisis, as well as some key, top-of-mind policy issues for Canadian insurers and their potential impact from the private-payer perspective. Further, this webinar covered the proposed Patented Medicines Pricing Review Board (PMPRB) reforms, the value of Canada’s dual-coverage system and the most recent Private Drug Plan Cost Drivers Report.

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Benefits Canada Live: 2020 CAP Member Survey: Retirement savings and financial well-being in the era of coronavirus

Date and time: Tuesday, April 28, 10:30 – 11:30 AM EST

Alongside a struggling global economy, Canadian capital accumulation plans are facing unprecedented challenges. This year, Benefits Canada’s annual CAP Member Survey asked plan members about their retirement readiness, their investment strategies during these tumultuous times and their overall financial well-being.

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Benefits Canada Live: Coronavirus and workplace mental health

With the impact of coronavirus felt around the world, Canadian employers and employees are facing both personal and professional pressures. Physical well-being is vital at this time, but the situation is raising multiple mental-health issues as well, including rising stress levels exacerbated by job uncertainty and social isolation. On March 31, Benefits Canada hosted a panel of experts who dug into how employers can help employees navigate this difficult time.

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Benefits Canada Live: Coronavirus: What do employers need to know?

With the coronavirus pandemic rapidly evolving, the global employment landscape is facing unprecedented challenges. What do employers need to know to manage these uncertain times and support their employees? Looking at short-term disability programs, benefits plans, human resources policies and legal obligations, Benefits Canada hosted a panel of experts on March 19 to answer all plan sponsor questions.

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Benefits Canada Live:2019 CAP Member Survey: A deeper dive into your plan members’ retirement readiness

While more than half of Canadian capital accumulation plan members believe they’re financially prepared for retirement, their confidence varies by generation, particularly when it comes to their knowledge of investment and decumulation options. Take a deeper dive into Benefits Canada’s 2019 CAP Member Survey to help plan members on their journey to retirement.

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A primer on cannabis legalization and benefits plans

With the federal government passing legislation to legalize the possession of recreational marijuana, employers have a lot of questions about what it means for them. Watch Benefits Canada’s recent webinar on some of the legal issues for benefits plans with Miller Thomson LLP’s Kim Ozubko.