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Pension investing is becoming more sophisticated. Is your plan’s governance keeping up?


Employee turnover is a slippery slope. Beyond lost productivity and institutional knowledge walking out the door, there are significant expenses related to interviewing, hiring and…

Capital accumulation plans

Retiring employees might get a handshake, a gold watch or even a goodbye party. But for DC plan members...is it enough?

Fixed income

Fixed income is a key component of a pension plan’s portfolio. What new options are emerging in the search for yield?

Defined benefit pensions

To keep their DB plans afloat, sponsors need to ensure that they’re managing the risks

Benefits Canada News

One warm evening this summer, while I was sitting on the patio of a downtown restaurant with my girlfriends, someone stole my wallet right out…


Follow our road map to find out if you're a flexible employer.

When it comes to tackling mental health issues, Bell Canada is one organization that’s putting its money where its mouth is.

Mental health is an issue that affects all employers, large and small. While there is no question that keeping employees healthy and productive is smart…

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, reports released in 2011 and 2012 indicate that mental health illnesses accounted for roughly 30% of short-…

Benefits Canada’s 2014 Healthy Outcomes Conference explored the return on investment in health and wellness programs—and how to create change for the better