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90% of U.S. employers planning to invest more in mental-health benefits in 2022: survey

As competition to attract talent continues to heat up amid a tight labour market, the vast majority (90 per cent) of U.S. employers are planning…

Top 5 HR, pension and benefits stories of the week

A story on the Toronto-Dominion Bank’s enhancement to its benefits offerings in 2022 with expanded family planning coverage took the top spot over the past week…

  • By: Staff
  • January 21, 2022 January 21, 2022
  • 09:00

U.S. remote workers split on whether they’re ready to return to office: survey

While more than half (57 per cent) of U.S. employees said they’re comfortable about returning to the workplace, more than a third (40 per cent)…

  • By: Staff
  • January 21, 2022 January 20, 2022
  • 09:00

78% of U.S. employers focusing on quality of health benefits over cost: survey

About three-quarters (78 per cent) of U.S. employers said they’re more focused on the quality of health care over cost management when making decisions about…

  • By: Staff
  • January 20, 2022 January 19, 2022
  • 09:00

Wage hikes expected alongside rising inflation in 2022: surveys

Employers are continuing to feel the squeeze, with rising prices set to push wages higher this year in a “feedback loop building” as the annual…


TD expanding fertility treatment coverage, bereavement policy

The Toronto-Dominion Bank is enhancing its benefits offerings in 2022 with expanded family planning coverage. The bank’s benefits program is now covering fertility and reproductive…

Business leaders ‘out of gas’ as pandemic drags on

Workers turn to them for support, clients rely on them for answers, companies lean on them in times of crisis. Yet, as the coronavirus pandemic…

58% of frontline workers expect work stress will stay the same or worsen in 2022: survey

More than half (58 per cent) of frontline workers said they believe their work stress will either stay the same or worsen in the coming year,…

  • By: Staff
  • January 18, 2022 January 17, 2022
  • 09:00

Blue Monday: Wattpad offering meditation classes to workers amid stressful times

Employees don’t usually meditate together during work hours, but these aren’t usual times. Every month, the team at Wattpad gathers (virtually, for now) and is…

Women start careers earning less than male peers: study

Women in the U.S. with newly-minted bachelor’s degrees earn an average of US$52,266, compared to $64,022 earned by their male peers, according to a new…

  • By: Staff
  • January 14, 2022 January 14, 2022
  • 15:00

Top 5 HR, pension and benefits stories of the week

As right-to-disconnect legislation gains steam across Canada and around the world, a story on how employers are dealing with this movement in 2022 took the…

  • By: Staff
  • January 14, 2022 January 13, 2022
  • 09:00

How Accenture, Traction on Demand are supporting working parents in 2022

A new year is bringing back old issues for employers and employees alike. The rise of the highly contagious Omicron coronavirus variant meant many students…

TD focusing on accessibility to widen the talent pool

The Toronto Dominion Bank is diving into a talent pool that has long gone overlooked by making assistive technology for employees with a disability widely…

TTC, City of Toronto terminating unvaccinated employees

The Toronto Transit Commission and the City of Toronto are among the latest employers to fire workers for not complying with a mandatory coronavirus vaccination…

  • By: Staff
  • January 11, 2022 January 11, 2022
  • 15:00

How can employers support coronavirus long-haulers?

As the phenomenon of coronavirus long-haulers — individuals who display symptoms for months following infection — becomes more prominent amid the ongoing pandemic, plan sponsors…

Sounding Board: Legal issues for employers dealing with coronavirus vaccine exemption requests

Employers have had to navigate many unique legal issues this year, including how to deal with the issue of coronavirus vaccines and employees. One question…

Expert panel: Publicity placing employees in false light could lead to legal issues

The possible legal ramifications of publicity placing a current or past employee in a false light is an issue employers should keep in mind in…

  • By: Rayaz Khan
  • January 11, 2022 January 21, 2022
  • 09:00

How employers are focusing on right-to-disconnect movement in 2022

During Danish Yusuf’s morning routine, his work phone rarely rings and seldom is there an appointment with his Toronto insurance company staff. The lack of…

Most coronavirus vaccine refusers won’t get federal pandemic benefits: minister

The federal minister in charge of aid to the unemployed says jobless Canadians who refuse to get vaccinated may find themselves blocked from benefits so…

18% of white-collar jobs in North America permanently remote: report

Roughly a fifth (18 per cent) of all white-collar jobs in North America are now remote positions, according to a new report by Ladders Inc.…

  • By: Staff
  • January 7, 2022 January 7, 2022
  • 15:00

How employers can help parents, students amid return to remote learning

With the Omicron coronavirus variant prompting school closures and a return to remote learning in several provinces, flexibility is key for employers supporting parents of…

Half of Canadians equate financial wellness with lack of financial stress: survey

Nearly half (47 per cent) of Canadians said that financial wellness means living without financial stress, according to a new survey by the Canadian Imperial Bank…

  • By: Staff
  • January 5, 2022 January 5, 2022
  • 15:00