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Top 5 HR, benefits, pension and investment stories of the week

An article on legal challenges filed against the federal government’s hybrid work mandate for public service employees was the most-read story on BenefitsCanada.com this week.…

Unions representing federal public service workers file legal challenges against hybrid work mandate

Unions representing more than 270,000 federal public service workers have filed a series of legal challenges to the federal government’s new mandate requiring its workers…

  • By: Staff
  • May 27, 2024 May 24, 2024
  • 09:00

Canada Life facing gov’t financial sanctions following delayed benefits access for public employees

The federal government has begun imposing financial sanctions on the Canada Life Assurance Co. after months of outcry from public servants, retirees and their families who…

  • By: Staff
  • May 3, 2024 May 3, 2024
  • 15:00

What employers need to know about determining remote workers’ province of employment

The Canada Revenue Agency’s guidance for determining a full-time remote worker’s province of employment for payroll deduction purposes, which came into force on Jan. 1,…


U.S., U.K. delivery, ride-hailing drivers stop work on Valentine’s Day over pay, employee benefits

Thousands of ride-hailing and delivery workers in the U.S. and the U.K. went on strike on Valentine’s Day, calling for higher pay and other changes…

CRA clarifying how employers must determine province of employment for remote workers

The Canadian Revenue Agency is providing guidance for employers to determine the province of employment for full-time employees who are working remotely. As of Jan.…

  • By: Staff
  • February 13, 2024 February 13, 2024
  • 09:00

Top 10 HR stories of 2023

A story on whether the federal government should follow the U.K.’s lead and enshrine flexible working into law was the most-read human resources story on BenefitsCanada.com…

  • By: Staff
  • December 20, 2023 December 19, 2023
  • 09:00

New EU gig worker rules to determine who qualifies for benefits of full-time employees

In a bid to improve working conditions for people who deliver food and offer rides through smartphone apps, the European Union gave provisional approval Wednesday…


How Ontario pay transparency legislation will impact employers

As Ontario prepares to introduce pay transparency legislation, it’s important for employers to consider how much information they want to share in job postings, says…

Top 5 HR, benefits, pension and investment stories of the week

An article on the federal government’s 2023 fall economic statement was the most-read story on BenefitsCanada.com over the last week. Here are the five most popular news…

  • By: Staff
  • November 24, 2023 November 23, 2023
  • 09:00

Canadian jurisdictions enacting pay transparency legislation, but more work to be done

Pay transparency legislation is quickly gathering steam in Canada as provincial governments take steps towards shrinking the gender wage gap. Prince Edward Island was first…


B.C. introducing minimum wage, labour protections for app-based gig workers

British Columbia is introducing new protections for ride-hailing and food delivery app workers including a minimum wage, compensation for expenses and other standards. A minimum…


Ontario plans to require salary ranges be included in job postings

Under new legislation announced Monday, Ontario employers could soon be required to include salary ranges in job postings and disclose if artificial intelligence is part…


Canada Labour Code amendments will exempt some employees from hours-of-work requirements

New amendments to the Canada Labour Code will exempt some employees from the legislation’s hours-of-work requirements. “These amendments are a rare example of changes that…


Georgia to pay for gender affirmation care for public employees

The state of Georgia will start paying for gender affirmation care for state employees, public school teachers and former employees covered by a state health…


California workers will get five sick days under new law

Workers in California will soon receive a minimum of five days of paid sick leave annually, instead of three. The new law, which takes effect in January,…


Employers seeking to know employees better should avoid using positional power: experts

National Hockey League coach Mike Babcock thought he was just trying to get to know his players better, but experts say he may have crossed a line that’s…


NY state law requiring employers disclose proposed pay rates takes effect

Job advertisements in New York will have to disclose proposed pay rates after a statewide salary transparency law went into effect on Sunday, part of growing state and city efforts to give women and…

Has the Federal Pay Equity Act helped to close Canada’s gender pay gap?

The Federal Pay Equity Act, which took effect on Aug. 31, 2021, requires all federally regulated employers with 10 or more employees to prepare and…


Indeed offering $10,000 to U.S. transgender workers who want to relocate

As several U.S. states enact legislation restricting gender-affirming care, Indeed Inc. is offering US$10,000 to transgender employees or those with transgender children who want to…

  • By: Staff
  • September 6, 2023 September 5, 2023
  • 09:00

How recent Canada Labour Code updates are impacting federally regulated employers

There have been several changes to the Canada Labour Code in recent months. Here’s an overview of what’s happened and what’s on the horizon for…

How DC plan sponsors can prevent a Muslim pension gap

With the Muslim population steadily growing in Canada, employers that offer defined contribution pension plans can avoid unintentionally creating a pension gap by providing these…

Should Canada implement flexible working legislation for all workplaces?

As the U.K.’s new flexible working bill receives royal assent, Edward Majewski, partner at Ogletree Deakins International LLP, says similar legislation would benefit employers and employees…

Expert panel: How employers can combat ageism in the workplace

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are esteemed values held by many employers and are table stakes in the value proposition for employees and customers. However, in…


How U.S. compensation clawback legislation could impact Canadian employers

New U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission listing requirements that impact compensation clawbacks could create conflicts with domestic employment laws for Canadian companies listed on U.S.…