Benefits Canada’s September issue is our annual women’s issue, where organizations have the opportunity to feature their top female leaders. These profiles share insights into corporate vision and values, organizational priorities and personal anecdotes. You can read all of them below.

AstraZeneca Canada

Kiersten Combs, President

“I encourage women at all stages of their career to embrace risks and push through moments of self-doubt.”

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Priscilla Nykoliation, Senior Manager, Payer Engagement & Strategic Partnerships, Private Market

“Private insurance and benefits companies have a critical role alongside the public system to find efficiencies and help fill key gaps in care.”

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Canada Life

Soula Hatsisavvas, Vice-President, Client Service

“Fundamentally, to thrive at work, you need to be inspired, valued, empowered and connected.”

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Melanie Jeannotte, Chief Executive Officer, Benefits & HR Consulting – Canada

“Some call it balance. I call it being comfortable with my choices, including the things I choose to have and not have.”

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HUB International

Terri Botosan, Regional President, Employee Benefits, Retirement and Life for Canada

“Employee benefits have evolved from standard suggestions to personalized solutions that bring meaningful support to people’s lives.”

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Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC)

Pamela Fralick, President

“I’m a big fan of saying ‘yes’ to unconventional opportunities because you don’t know where they’ll lead.”

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Takeda Canada

Rute Fernandes, General Manager

“Diverse experiences can give you mental and social agility, problem-solving insights, and confidence based on who you are and who you want to be.”

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Desjardins Insurance

Nadia Darwish, Vice-President, Business Development & Client Relationships

“Diversity and inclusion is everyone’s job. We own it as employees, but we also need to seek it out from our organizations and from our networks.”

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Kim MacFarlane, Vice-President, Group Benefits Product and Digital Experiences

“It’s an exciting time to be leading people and challenging them to explore something a little different so they grow and feel empowered to find new ways to support our clients.”

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Shoppers Drug Mart

Barbara Carnegie, Vice-President of Payor Partnerships

“I’ve purposefully developed a team in which broad and varied backgrounds encourage different perspectives and deeper insights.”

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Sun Life Canada

Kate Nazar, Vice-President, Strategy & Market Development, Group Retirement Services

“I’m proud to empower female leaders, support communities, and help Canadians achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives. I’m alive today because of fundraising, research, and advocacy. This gift guides me to make a difference—personally and professionally—each and every day.”

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Marie-Chantal Côté, Vice-President, Market Development, Group Benefits

“I’m focused on improving workplace equity and visibility for women and members of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s obviously the right thing to do, and we know organizations achieve stronger business outcomes when their employees can be their authentic selves at work … As leaders, we need to advocate for change and innovation both in new solutions for clients and by supporting people in their careers.”

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Teladoc Health

Joby McKenzie, Managing Director, Canada

“Basketball has shaped every part of who I am as a mom, as a partner and as a leader. […] Not many people go on to play for their country, but everyone needs to learn to thrive within the diversity of a team.”

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