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Defined benefit pensions

What’s the best way to transfer DB risk? Here are three strategies.

Don’t be afraid to change your DC plan... learn from companies that do it right

Benefits Canada News

David Heather describes Cisco's reverse mentoring and flexible work schedules.

So you want to help your child get a good education…but you also need to make sure you retire on track. Which priority should come…

Shortly after the federal government announced it would increase the annual contribution limit for tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs) to $10,000, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and…

September 2015's stats, events and opinions

It’s sometimes difficult for employees to communicate in a large company. But Microsoft Canada thinks it has found a solution using enterprise social media.

I read last month that Netflix is once again pushing the envelope by offering U.S. workers unlimited paid maternity or paternity leave during the first…

Alternative investments

Today, alternative investments aren’t as “alternative” as they once were.

Health benefits

Expensive biologics are driving up drug claims costs…but how can employers choose between saving a life and saving the drug plan for everyone?

At 11.59%, the overall average health trend factor will continue in the same range this year as it has for the last four years, says…

Benefits Canada’s 2015 Healthy Outcomes Conference shows how employers can encourage healthy behaviours while containing costs


Look around your office. How many people are answering emails or checking Facebook while they’re supposed to be working on something else?