Inflation is bad news, generally, but it can be particularly devastating for defined benefit (DB) plans. How bad, exactly? We quantify just how much varying inflation outlooks can affect different types of pension plans and the solutions available to help mitigate the damage.

Our new research paper looks at:

  • how susceptible DB plans are to inflation, regardless of whether or not they offer benefits directly linked to the CPI
  • how the impact of inflation can vary depending on how long inflation lasts, expected inflation levels, and plan structure
  • asset classes and investment strategies available to investors that can help mitigate the risk of longer term inflation.

Émilie Paquet, FSA

Head of Strategic Initiatives and Innovation, Multi-Asset Solutions Team, Manulife Investment Management

Eric Menzer, CFA, CAIA, AIF 

Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Head of OCIO and Fiduciary Solutions, Multi-Asset Solutions Team

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