466 Speers Rd., 3rd floor, Oakville, Ont.,
L6K 3W9

Contact: Jason Vary, president
Tel: 877-257-2038
Email: jason@actuarialsolutionsinc.com
Website: actuarialsolutionsinc.com
Services: Defined benefit pension plan consulting, actuarial, administration, expert evidence, audit support, M&A

Actuarial Solutions is focused on providing sponsors and administrators of DB plans with accurate and timely reporting, as well as supporting good decision-making with clear and strategic advice.

Alec G. Henley & Associates Ltd.

Henley House, 357 Duckworth St., P.O. Box 100, St. John’s, NL,
A1C 5H5

Contact: Brian A. Henley, president
Tel: 709-753-7350
Email: bhenley@alecghenleygroup.com
Services: Group employee benefits, group pension, group retirement, executive compensation, cost management, proactive disability claims management

The Alec G. Henley Group is an independent benefits consulting firm that’s been in business for more than 78 years. We are a full-service firm specializing in group employee benefits, group pension, group retirement and executive compensation.

Ste. 205, 409 Granville St., Vancouver, V6C 1T2

Contact: Susan Murphy, operations leader
Tel: 604-424-8035
Email: smurphy@aptusbenefits.ca
Website: aptusbenefits.ca
Services: Group benefits and retirement plan consulting (DC plans and structured RRSPs), executive disability and travel programs, benefits trusts and employee life and health trusts, retirement plan governance, disability claims advocacy, drug cost management, transitional long-term disability programs and specialty coverage

Aptus is an employee-owned firm that takes a design approach to creating employee benefits and retirement plans for organizations of all sizes. Aptus takes a fresh approach to benefits and retirement plans. It designs optimal plans that serve the needs of everyone involved.

Ste. 2200, 1250 René-Lévesque Blvd. W., Montreal, H3B 4W8

Contact: Les Marton, managing director
Tel: 416-560-7275
Email: lmarton@bfinance.com
Website: bfinance.ca
Services: Customized manager search and selection projects, strategic portfolio design and a range of highly bespoke portfolio solutions

A global investment consultancy with institutional asset owner clients in 44-plus countries and offices in 11 cities including Montreal and Toronto.

3448 Stanley St., Montreal, H3A 1R8

Contact: David Vanasse, president
Tel: 514-315-3335
Email: dvanasse@bflcanada.ca
Website: bflcanada.ca
Services: Group and executive benefits and retirement consulting

BFL is focused on truly customized, quality service and unmatched dedication to our clients’ success. This approach has been key to our continued organic growth and remarkable stability over time. The trust we build with clients results in exceptional satisfaction and long-term relationships.



Ste. 1000, 201 City Centre Dr., Mississauga, Ont., L5B 4E4

Contact: Jennifer Dunk, principal, business leader, Canada
Tel: 905-272-6468
Email: jennifer.dunk@buck.com
Website: buck.com
Services: HR and benefits consulting, employee engagement, technology, administration, compliance

At Buck, we’re focused on creating a culture of well-being, centred on each person’s health, wealth and career. This empowers companies to embrace the new social contract, re-energize their workforces and embrace an analytics-led talent marketplace that improves how their people work and live.

Ste. 102, 2020 Winston Park Dr., Oakville, Ont., L6H 6X7

Contact: Diana O’Reilly, executive vice-president
Tel: 905-896-2022
Email: doreilly@compben.com
Website: compben.com
Services: Group employee and retirement consulting services, association and affinity programs

Founded in 1992, Comprehensive Benefit Solutions Ltd. provides innovative consulting services that enable our clients to make sound decisions regarding their employee benefits programs, keeping pace with financial pressures, emerging market trends and an evolving workforce.

705 Fountain St. N., Cambridge, Ont., N1R 5T2

Contact: Marc Benoit, executive vice-president
Tel: 866-912-6926
Email: marc.benoit@cowangroup.ca
Website: cowangroup.ca
Services: Group benefits, pension and retirement, disability management, TPA/TPP services

As a prominent Canadian-owned and operated independent insurance brokerage and consulting operation, we partner with leading national and international insurance companies to advise on and create retirement, group benefits, disability management and international benefits programs for employee groups.

Ste. 1700, 5140 Yonge St., Toronto, M2N 6L7

Contact: Chris Brisebois, principal
Tel: 416-429-3330
Email: info@eckler.ca
Website: eckler.ca
Services: Pension, benefits, investment, compensation, communication, financial wellness, technology

Optimizing pension and benefits programs to maximize return on investment and value. As Canada’s largest independent actuarial consulting firm, Eckler has been providing fully integrated employee benefits consulting for more than 95 years.

1345 Taylor Ave., Winnipeg, R3M 3Y9

Contact: Brandon Ellement, chief executive officer
Tel: 204-954-7300
Email: contact.us@ellement.ca
Website: ellement.ca
Services: Retirement, benefits, actuarial consulting, administration services, software

Ellement Consulting Group is a national provider of integrated retirement, benefits, actuarial and investment consulting, as well as administration services for retirement and benefits programs and retirement and benefits software solutions for internally administered organizations.

5770 Hurontario St., 10th floor, Mississauga, Ont., L5R 3G5

Contact: Nancy Tibbo, senior manager, marketing and communications
Tel: 905-712-8615, ext. 642256
Email: ntibbo@express-scripts.com
Website: express-scripts.ca
Services: ESC offers a range of services and helps benefits providers address affordability concerns

ESC transforms the way organizations and employees think about and participate in their drug benefits plan. Through its proprietary consumer intelligence, clinical expertise and patients-first approach, ESC promotes better health decisions for plan members.

Contact: Danielle Varela, managing director
Tel: 450-984-1246
Email: dvarela@gahnic.com
Website: gahnic.com
Services: Emergency or temporary relief in pension and benefits administration, HR and benefits consulting — optimizing pension and benefits programs

Winner of Most Innovative Benefits Management Firm — North America in the 2022 Wealth & Finance International Awards, Gahnic is a new HR service provider. Our focus is extending our consulting services by supporting the operational side of our clients’ businesses during peak periods or special projects with our bold approach. We provide on-demand, remote support using secure virtual desktop solutions implemented by each client, without geographical limits.

M2-601 West Broadway, Vancouver, V5Z 4C2

Contact: Brendan George, partner
Tel: 604-551-4312
Email: info@georgeandbell.com
Website: georgeandbell.com
Services: Pension, benefits and investment consulting for Canadian public and private sectors

George & Bell Consulting advises boards, plan sponsors and other stakeholders of pension and benefits plans. Our clients include Canadian unions, endowments, foundations and jointly governed plans. We have offices in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto.

Ste. 303, 250 Ferrand Dr., Toronto, M3C 3G8

Contact: Ryan Kuruliak, president
Tel: 416-619-8468
Email: rkuruliak@proteusperformance.com
Website: proteusperformance.com
Services: Investment consulting, performance reporting, asset allocation, manager search and selection

HUB|Proteus is an investment and pension governance consulting firm providing solutions to a diverse client base in the Canadian marketplace, including corporate and public DB, DC and hybrid plans, jointly trusteed pension and benefits plans, trust funds, foundations and endowments and high-networth individuals.

Ste. 305, 10 Alcorn Ave., Toronto, M4V 3A9

Contact: Elaine Yedlin, chief operating officer
Tel: 416-915-2435, ext. 1102
Email: elaine@johnstonshawinc.com
Website: johnstonshawinc.com
Services: Life and health, retirement, voluntary, international, individual insurance and strategies

We are a Toronto-based insurance broker specializing in corporate clients, estate preservation and professionals. We have decades of experience working with all types of clients on the design, strategy, execution and management of their insurance solutions and aim to build long-lasting relationships.

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Ste. 604, 100 Milverton Dr., Mississauga, Ont., L5R 4H1

Contact: Gesele Dunsford, chief financial officer
Tel: 905-361-2014, ext. 229
Email: gdunsford@mosey.on.ca
Website: moseyandmosey.com
Services: Full-service benefits consulting

For more than 45 years, Mosey & Mosey has been a leading provider of employee benefits to Ontario’s public sector employers. With leading-edge employee benefits advice, we can help you develop your benefits plan philosophy.

630 René-Lévesque Blvd. W., 30th floor, Montreal, H3B 1S6

Contact: Éric Montminy, president
Tel: 514-285-1122
Email: emontminy@normandin-beaudry.ca
Website: normandin-beaudry.ca
Services: Compensation, group benefits, health and performance, total rewards communication, pension and savings, pension plan administration, investment consulting

Founded in 1992, Normandin Beaudry is now recognized as a major player in the field of consulting. Operating from its Montreal, Toronto and Quebec City offices, Normandin Beaudry creates human capital and financial performance with its clients through the excellence of experts ignited by a total rewards mindset.

Contact: Riley St. Jacques, partner, senior consultant
Tel: 604-647-3206
Email: riley.stjacques@pbiactuarial.ca
Website: pbiactuarial.ca
Services: Actuarial, pension, group benefits, investment, pension plan administration, communication

For more than 10 years, we’ve worked with clients to design and implement innovative solutions for complex plans. We’re skilled at balancing the needs and objectives of all stakeholders while keeping the best interests of plan members at heart. PBI (pensions/benefits/ investments) — Caring for the Future . . . Now.

194 Weber St. E., Kitchener, Ont., N2H 1E4

Contact: Matthew Price, president
Tel: 519-743-9000
Email: info@penad.ca
Website: penad.com
Services: Pension, benefits and disability software solutions, DC and DB administration services

Penad is focused on providing leading-edge software solutions and administration services to Canadian and international clients. Penad provides its suite of comprehensive software systems and third-party administration services to efficiently manage all types of pension and benefits plans.

1403 Kenaston Blvd., Winnipeg, R3P 2T5

Contact: Marcelo Regen, chief client officer
Tel: 437-245-1476
Email: marcelo.regen@peoplecorporation.com
Website: peoplecorporation.com
Services: Third-party administration and consulting on group benefits, wellness, retirement and HR

We’re here to help businesses succeed and empower people to live healthier lives. With access to a broad range of products and services, our team of experts makes a difference in the lives of more than two million Canadians through the design and implementation of customized benefits plans.

200 Bay St., Toronto, M5J 2J5

Contact: RBC sponsor support line
Tel: 800-835-3855
Website: rbc.com/rbcgroupadvantage
Services: Registered pension plan and group retirement savings products

RBC Group Advantage will help you take care of you and your employees’ overall financial needs. From retirement savings and investments to everyday banking, our dedicated team of experienced advisors will provide advice and support to help put your employees on the path to financial wellness..

Ste. 210, 481 Morden Rd., Oakville, Ont., L6K 3W6

Contact: Andrew Gillies, partner
Tel: 905-338-7002
Email: agillies@re-a.com
Website: re-a.com
Services: Pension consulting, actuarial and administrative services, complete DB plan outsourcing

For 30 years, RE&A has delivered high-quality consulting and administrative services to clients that sponsor mid-sized pension plans in Canada. We offer thoughtful and innovative solutions at competitive prices. We are proud to be the third-party administrators of the Ideal Canadian Pension Plan.

Ste. 802, 45 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto, M4V 1K9

Contact: Cameron McNeill, senior vice-president, Canadian business leader
Tel: 416-969-3963
Email: cmcneill@segalco.com
Website: segalco.ca
Services: Group benefits plan and pension actuarial services, investment consulting, manager searches

Organizations trust us to help them navigate complex health, retirement and investment solutions issues. They depend on us to help them make sound decisions that impact millions of lives. Clients include multi-employer funds, corporations, non-profit organizations and wealth management organizations.

194 Weber St E., Kitchener, Ont., N2H 1E4

Contact: Matthew Price, president
Tel: 519-743-9000
Email: info@seclon.com
Website: seclon.com
Services: Software for complex DB pension plans, group benefits, retirement planning tools

Seclon is singularly focused on providing best-in-class software for the administration of pension and benefits plans. Our solutions are customized to the unique specifications of your programs.

Contact: Dan Delmar, managing partner, communications
Email: info@tnkr.ca
Website: tnkr.ca
Services: Thought leadership, public relations, writing and editing, radio and podcasting, social media

Since 2012, the TNKR Media team has supported Canadian leaders in the professional services with insightful PR consulting and “Thinkbait” web marketing content: blogs, commentary, whitepapers, podcasts, etc. delivered monthly or quarterly — inspired by classic journalism and the latest neuroscience.

Ste. 1800, 500 Place d’Armes, Montreal, H2Y 2W2

Contact: Gianna Ricciardi, vice-president and practice leader
Tel: 855-929-8482
Email: gianna@vitaassure.com
Website: vitaassure.com
Services: Group insurance, group retirement, wellness, disability, communications, benefits administration

We are a boutique employee benefits brokerage and consulting firm servicing businesses in Quebec and Ontario. We provide hands-on solutions that enhance the value of benefits programs, including group insurance, group retirement savings, wellness and nontraditional benefits.

Ste. 908, 1166 Alberni St., Vancouver, V6E 3Z3

Contact: Stephen Cheng, managing director and senior consulting actuary
Tel: 604-730-1898, ext.128
Email: stephen.cheng@westcoast-actuaries.com
Website: westcoast-actuaries.com
Services: Investment and actuarial consulting, employee benefits advisory, group retirement plans, executive pension plans and actuarial evidence expert reports

Westcoast Actuaries is an independent actuarial consulting firm that provides a full range of consulting and administration services. Our consulting teams use their significant experience to create customized, impactful and forward-thinking solutions to help our clients manage their pension, benefits, investment and actuarial needs.

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