Ste. 1203, 200 Bay St., North Tower,
Toronto, M5J 2J2

CONTACT: Wendy Brodkin, managing director

TEL: 647-375-2803



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: AB is one of the largest global investment managers in the world. We provide forward-looking perspectives, independent research and investment discipline across all asset classes, leveraging our extensive global footprint. We are fully invested in delivering better outcomes.

AlphaFixe Capital

Ste. 2420, 1800 McGill College Ave.,
Montreal, H3A 3J6

CONTACT: Stéphane Corriveau, president, managing director

TEL: 514-861-3493



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: AlphaFixe’s investment philosophy relies on a rigorous risk management process and the integration of ESG factors. The emphasis on capital preservation, our long-term horizon and the desire to align our investment decisions with our values encourages us to favour companies that are concerned about their environmental and social impact. Indeed, we believe the responsible corporate behaviour of companies towards ESG factors has the potential to improve long-term financial performance.

Amundi Canada Inc.

Ste. 1920, 2000 McGill College Ave.,
Montreal, H3A 3H3

CONTACT: Tanya Bishop, senior vice-president

TEL: 647-201-4225



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Among the top 10 largest asset managers worldwide, our European perspective on global markets sets us apart among the major asset managers operating in Canada. With offices in Toronto and Montreal, we provide tailormade or open-ended strategies in all asset classes: equities, bonds, FX, multi-asset and more, through active or passive strategies, in developed and emerging markets. In addition, our long -lasting commitment towards ESG investing provides an internationally recognized expertise.


Ste. 1100, 1 York Street,
Toronto, M5J 0B6

CONTACT: Yvonne Davidson, principal

TEL: 416-681-3414



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: BGO is a leading global real estate investment management advisor and a provider of real estate services. BGO serves the interests of more than 750 institutional clients with expertise in the asset management of real estate across the globe with deep, local knowledge, experience and extensive networks in the regions where we invest in and manage real estate assets on behalf of our clients.

Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.

Ste. 4510, 181 Bay St.,
Toronto, M5J 2T3

CONTACT: Mike Sandrasagra, vice-president, head, Canadian institutional group

TEL: 416-869-8980



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Burgundy Asset Management is a global investment manager providing discretionary investment management for private clients, foundations, endowments, pensions and family offices. Since 1990, we have built portfolios that are concentrated, active and invested in quality companies. Over the past 30 years, our regional investment teams, sector-agnostic approach and employeeownership have led us to think independently and achieve strong long-term results for our clients.

BMO Global Asset Management

100 King St. W.,
Toronto, M5X 1A1

CONTACT: Samantha Cleyn, managing director, head, institutional sales and service

TEL: 514-862-2653



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: We believe in long-term investing, combined with a willingness to act on short-term dislocations. We are also committed to demonstrating leadership in our approach to developing innovative investment solution. To accomplish this, we offer an unwavering commitment to excellence, integ rity and service quality and draw on the skills and expertise of highly-experienced teams that encompass traditional asset classes (equities and fixed income) and non-traditional alternatives.

Canso Investment Counsel Ltd.

Ste. 550, 100 York Blvd.,
Richmond Hill, Ont., L4B 1J8

CONTACT: Patrick McCalmont, chief strategy, operating officer

TEL: 905-881-8853



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Our investment process at Canso is focused on fundamental research and security selection. We manage more than $39 billion in institutional, pension, foundation and high-net-worth assets, as at Sept. 30, 2023.

Capital Group Canada

Ste. 3730, 181 Bay St.,
Toronto, M5J 2T3

CONTACT: Kevin Martino, vice-president

TEL: 416-815-2128



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Since 1931, Capital Group has been singularly focused on delivering superior, consistent results for long-term investors using high-conviction portfolios, rigorous research and individual accountability.

CIBC Asset Management Inc.

22nd floor, 161 Bay St.,
Toronto, M5J 2S1

CONTACT: Carlo DiLalla, managing director, head, institutional asset management

TEL: 416-980-2768



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: CIBC Asset Management is the asset management subsidiary of CIBC. Dedicated to being the leader in client relationships, we provide a range of high-quality investment management services and solutions to retail and institutional investors.

CI Global Asset Management

15 York St.,
Toronto, M5J 0A3

CONTACT: Bran Kalmar, vice-president, institutional

TEL: 647-646-2361



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: CI Global Asset Management’s strengths come from our worldleading lineup of portfolio managers and the range of expertise they provide. Each team is empowered to think independently and are held accountable for the results they achieve. They share their insights, expertise and research in order to bring the full scale and intellectual capital of CI GAM to benefit each and every client. An active approach is taken to deliver the best possible outcomes to all investors.

Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group

Ste. 1400, 130 King St. W.,
Toronto, M5X 1C8

CONTACT: Brent Wilkins, senior vice-president, head, institutional sales, Canada

TEL: 416-364-5396



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group is a multi-boutique asset management firm that provides a broad range of distinct and independently managed investment products and services to individual and institutional investors through a diverse family of affiliates.

Desjardins Global Asset Management

1, Complexe Desjardins, 20th Floor South Tower,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H5B 1B2

CONTACT: Natalie Bisaillon, Vice-president & Chief of Partnerships & Institutional Client Relations

TEL: 514-214-5742



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: DGAM is one of Canada's largest asset managers with diversified in-house expertise. We are known for our ability to design tailored solutions and build robust portfolios across several asset classes, vehicles and investment styles. Our approach relies on agile and rigorous investment processes that consider the specific requirements of each investor, adapt to market environments, and integrate the best responsible investment practices. DGAM provides a distinctive client experience by leveraging a collaborative, innovative and result-driven culture.

Equiton Inc.

Ste. 1800, 333 Bay St., Toronto

CONTACT: Aaron Pittman, senior vice-president, head, Canadian institutional investments

TEL: 416-758-8700, ext. 119



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: We believe achieving success in private real estate investing requires a multifaceted perspective. Extensive knowledge of local markets, fundamentally grounded due diligence and valuation process and an ongoing commitment to post-acquisition property management are some of the tenets that underpin our approach. Portfolios are constructed with a risk-adjusted return profile objective of capital preservation coupled with income and growth potential across, markets and economic cycles.

Fiera Capital

1981 McGill College,
Montreal, H3A 0H5

CONTACT: Krista McLeod, head, client relations

TEL: 514-954-3300



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Fiera Capital is an independent asset management firm with a growing global presence and approximately $164.2 billion in AUM as at June 30, 2023. We deliver customized multi-asset solutions across public and private market asset classes to institutional, financial intermediary and private wealth clients across North America, Europe and key markets in Asia. We strive to be at the forefront of investment-management science and we are passionate about creating sustainable wealth for clients.

Foyston, Gordon & Payne Inc.

Ste. 2600, 1 Adelaide St. E.,
Toronto, M5C 2V9

CONTACT: Kimberley Woolverton, executive vice-president, head of distribution

TEL: 416-848-1936



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: FGP applies a bottom-up, value-oriented approach to managing fixed income and Canadian and global equities. Our philosophy revolves around two long-standing core concepts: quality and value. We strive to invest in high-quality companies or corporate bonds with cheaper valuations than the market.

Guardian Capital LP

Ste. 2700, 199 Bay St.,
Toronto, M5L 1E8

CONTACT: Robin Lacey, head, institutional asset management

TEL: 416-947-4082



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Guardian Capital LP is manager and portfolio manager of the Guardian Capital Funds and Guardian Capital ETFs, with capabilities that span a range of asset classes, geographic regions and specialty mandates. Additionally, GCLP manages portfolios for institutional clients such as defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans, insurance companies, foundations, endowments and investment funds. GCLP is a wholly owned subsidiary of Guardian Capital Group Ltd.

Hazelview Investments Inc.

2nd floor, 1133 Yonge St.,
Toronto, M6P 2S1

CONTACT: Carrie Morris, managing partner, head, real estate

TEL: 888-949-8439



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Hazelview Investments has been an active investor, owner and manager of global real estate investments since 1999 and remains committed to creating value for people and places. The company employs a global investment and asset management team of more than 80 people in its offices in Toronto, New York, Hong Kong and Hamburg and manages 12.3 billion in real estate assets.

Hillsdale Investment Management Inc.

Ste. 5900, 100 King St. W.,
Toronto, M5X 1E4

CONTACT: Harry Marmer – Executive Vice President, Partner

TEL: 416-913-3907



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Hillsdale is committed to achieving investment excellence by producing the highest quality investment strategies and providing exceptional client service. This mission pervades everything we do, from professional hiring to investment research, implementation and strategy evaluation. We combine the best of fundamental thinking, tested through a proven, rigorous, quantitative methodology, continuously evaluated relative to expectations to validate strategy quality.

Lincluden Investment Management Ltd.

Ste. 201, 201 City Centre Dr.,
Mississauga, Ont., L5B 2T4

CONTACT: Wayne Wilson, vice-president

TEL: 905-273-3018



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Founded in 1982, Lincluden is a Canadian owned and operated boutique investment management firm. We employ value-based investment principles across a range of equity, fixed income, real estate and balanced portfolios. Our clients include pensions, unions, foundations and high net worth. We invest with a long-term focus, perform our own research and follow a strict price discipline when buying and selling securities offering potential for greater capital appreciation and protects capital in down markets.

Mackenzie Investments

180 Queen St. W.,
Toronto, M5V 3K1

CONTACT: Gregory Hourigan, head, Canadian institutional sales

TEL: 437-677-0797



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Mackenzie Investments is headquartered in Toronto with international investment teams in Boston, Dublin and Hong Kong. Our investment management organization delivers its investment offerings through a multi-boutique structure with independent in-house investment teams that each have a distinct focus and investment approach. This boutique approach promotes diversification of styles and ideas and provides Mackenzie with a breadth of capabilities.

Manulife Investment Management

5th floor, 200 Bloor St. E., North Tower,
Toronto, M4W 1E5

CONTACT: Jennifer Lundmark, head, North America institutional

TEL: 416-926-3000



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Manulife Investment Management is the global asset management arm of Manulife, tracing its roots and investment management experience back to the 1800s. Manulife Investment Management and affiliates provide comprehensive asset management solutions for investors. This investment expertise extends across a broad range of public and private asset classes, as well as asset allocation solutions.

MFS Investment Management

35th floor, 77 King St. W.,
Toronto, M5K 1B7

CONTACT: Christine Girvan, senior managing director, head, Canadian distribution

TEL: 416-361-7273



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: For nearly a century, MFS has aligned our active investment approach and how we serve clients with a sole purpose: to create long-term value responsibly. Through that sense of responsibility and the strength of our investment platform, we strive to protect our investors’ assets and our clients’ reputations. MFS offers an array of institutional strategies and vehicles including separate accounts and pooled funds.

Pictet Asset Management

Ste. 3100, 1000 de la Gauchetière W.,
Montreal, H3B 4W5

CONTACT: François Forget, head of distribution, Canada

TEL: 514-518-8587



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: A global leader in environmental and sustainable strategies, responsibility is central to our way of thinking. A pioneer of thematic equity strategies in the 1990s, we are at the forefront of our industry in incorporating ESG issues into our investment approaches, actively exercising our rights as investors and engaging with the wider industry. We believe in the pre-eminence of active manager skill and, as a multi-boutique firm, we offer a range of equity, fixed income and alternative products.

Is your company missing from this directory?

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Picton Mahoney Asset Management

Ste. 830, 33 Yonge St.,
Toronto, M5E 1G4

CONTACT: Taras Klymenko, partner, managing director, head, institutional business

TEL: 416-955-4845



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Picton Mahoney Asset Management’s investment philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that fundamental change is the core driver of security performance. We believe investment success is predicated on the right blend of art and science. Our rigorous fundamental research is combined with independent, quantitative techniques that focus on the sources of positive change — factors such as momentum and quality.

Russell Investments Canada

Ste. 5715, 100 King St. W.,
Toronto, M5X 1E4

CONTACT: Chris Wright, director, institutional sales

TEL: 416-640-2482



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Russell Investments helps Canadian institutions, pension plans, endowments and foundations achieve their outcomes with customized solutions for investment management, transition management, overlay services, currency management, responsible investing and investment outsourcing.

Setanta Asset Management Ltd.

190 Simcoe St.,
Toronto, M5T 2W5

CONTACT: Rocco Vessio, director, business development, Canada

TEL: 647-823-4813



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Working with and managing assets for Canadian investors since 2003, Setanta Asset Management is an independent global asset manager applying a long-term, fundamental, quality, value-driven style with a strong track record in global equity, EAFE equity, global SRI and global dividend.

SLC Management

Ste. 1100, 1 York St.,
Toronto, M5J 0B6

CONTACT: Heather Wolfe, senior managing director, head, Canadian business development

TEL: 416-408-7834



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Sun Life Capital Management is a global institutional asset manager of Sun Life that offers institutional investors traditional, alternative and yieldoriented investment solutions across public and private fixed income markets, as well as global real estate equity and debt and infrastructure equity. We offer these fixed income and real assets solutions through our specialty managers: SLC Fixed Income, BGO, Crescent Capital Group and InfraRed Capital Partners.

T. Rowe Price

Ste. 4240, 77 King St. W.,
Toronto, M5K 1G8

CONTACT: Lauren Bloom, head, Canada distribution

TEL: 416-360-7214



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: T. Rowe Price offers clients a wide array of investment strategies across the full range of asset classes. A dedicated portfolio management team implements each investment strategy according to philosophical beliefs about what drives security prices in that particular segment of the financial markets. Our overall approach is style consistency and risk aversion, achieved through broad diversification and a valuation consciousness to security selection.

TD Global Investment Solutions

34th floor, 161 Bay St., TD Canada Trust Tower,
Toronto, M5J 2T2

CONTACT: Evelyn Yeow, manager, content consulting

TEL: 416-307-7621



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: TD Global Investment Solutions brings three decades of experience of helping clients meet their investment goals. We foster a forward-thinking culture by promoting cross collaboration among investment teams, allowing new investment ideas to spark. Our capabilities include fundamental- free, cash-flow driven, quantitative and passive equities, fixed income across the credit quality spectrum and alternatives, such as private credit, infrastructure and real estate.

Trans-Canada Capital

Ste. 2000, 1800 McGill College Ave.,
Montreal, H3A 3J6

CONTACT: Jean-François Milette, global head, client solutions

TEL: 514-397-3973



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Trans-Canada Capital is an asset management firm specializing in innovative investment strategies for institutional investors. With $27 billion in assets under management (inclusive of leverage), more than 100 investment professionals based in Montreal and Toronto and a complete range of alternative solutions, TCC is well-positioned to meet the needs of investors seeking steady returns.

Van Berkom Global Asset Management

Ste. 2510, 600 boul de Maisonneuve O.,
Montreal, H3A 3J2

CONTACT: Andy Kong, senior director, institutional markets

TEL: 514-985-0909



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Van Berkom Global Asset Management is a specialized investment management firm founded in 1991 by J. Sebastian van Berkom. The company is 100 per cent employee-owned and focused on small and mid-capitalization equities across five strategies: Canada, U.S. (small and small-mid), greater China and global. Van Berkom manages stock portfolios for large North American pension funds, corporations, foundations and endowment funds.

Vontobel Asset Management Inc.

66 Hudson Yards, 34th Floor, Ste 3401
New York, NY 10001

CONTACT: Victor Schraner, institutional client group, Canada

TEL: 212-804-9361



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: We are an active multi-boutique asset manager with global reach, committed to providing attractive solutions to our institutional and intermediary clients and partners. Our independent investment boutiques stand out for their specialist equity, fixed income and multi-asset strategies. We invest with high conviction, supported by bottom-up research and robust risk management, aiming to deliver excellent performance for our clients.

Windsor Private Capital

Ste. 200, 28 Hazleton Ave.,
Toronto, M5R 2E2

CONTACT: Steve Kozik, partner

TEL: 416-500-7121



INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: Windsor Private Capital is an investment firm based in Ontario with a breadth of experience in a wide range of industry sectors. Together with its affiliates, the organization advises and manages more than $3 billion on behalf of institutional and private investors.