Face to Face Drug Plan Management Forum

December 15, 2021 | Virtual event


Sandra Anderson, senior vice-president, commercialization and strategy, Innomar Strategies

With more than 20 years of pharmaceutical and clinical experience, Sandra Anderson leads a diverse team of associates at Innomar Strategies that’s focused on enterprise strategy, innovation and commercialization to support specialty manufacturers launching products new to Canada. Her team is also dedicated to bringing new technology to market that’s focused on optimizing and enhancing the customer experience. During her time at Innomar, Anderson has led many teams and initiatives across the business including new business, digital innovation, stakeholder relations, pharmacovigilance, training, patient support programs, market access and health policy. She’s a champion for the integrated model, digital innovation, the value of partnership and patient access to medication. She also has deep knowledge of the Canadian health-care landscape and the role played by specialty products. Anderson has particular expertise in rare diseases and market access and is currently co-chairing the Canadian Organization for Rare Diseases’ working group. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from McMaster University, an MBA with a focus on international marketing and is a certified clinical research associate).


Michelle Boudreau, executive director, office of pharmaceutical management strategies, Health Canada

Michelle has applied her qualifications as a lawyer and a pharmacist throughout her extensive experience at Health Canada, including previous positions as legal counsel in the department legal services unit, as director general of the natural health products directorate, as executive director of the patented medicine prices review board and as director general of the controlled substances directorate. Michelle has worked in many areas of pharmaceutical policy, including regulatory, program design and operations, market access and pricing. Michelle is an Acadian from Cape Breton, in coastal Eastern Canada. She enjoys the outdoors and recently became the owner of farm property in rural Ontario.


Julia Fiorino, pharmacy consultant, drug strategy team, Canada Life

Julia Fiorino is a pharmacy consultant with the drug strategy team at Canada Life. As a licensed practicing pharmacist, she works closely with drug claims management on both the prior authorization and drug policy, disability and provides major client support. Her clinical expertise and practical pharmacy experience help Canada Life develop and maintain drug product offerings.

Prior to joining Canada Life, Julia worked as a community pharmacist for 7 years and continues to work on a part-time basis.


Uchenwa Genus, senior director, drug plan solutions, Shoppers Drug Mart

Uchenwa is the senior director of drug plan solutions at Shoppers Drug Mart. She is a dynamic and versatile professional with extensive and diverse experience in pharmacy leadership and drug management. A pharmacist by background, Uchenwa has worked in a variety of settings including specialty, hospital, pharma, and payor sectors.

After 10 years in hospital administration, Uchenwa has spent the next 10 in Specialty Pharmacy at Rexall and then with Shoppers with a focus on developing and executing patient support programs for pharma and she led Shoppers’ pharmacy and clinic strategy for specialty drugs across Canada.

Uchenwa took her knowledge and experience in designing top notch health programs to the payor and benefits space – developing drug formularies, preferred pharmacy and provider networks, and medical cannabis programs.

Uchenwa understands the diverse and unique needs of patients and believes effective strategies are required to promote positive health outcomes and build strong client relationships.


Joanne Jung, pharmacy practice leader, Willis Towers Watson

Joanne Jung is the leader of Willis Towers Watson’s pharmacy practice in Canada. With 27 years of pharmacy experience, she leads the national team of pharmacy experts that advise employers on managing pharmacy benefits for employees.

As a practicing pharmacist and experienced health and benefits practitioner, Jung brings a unique combination of expertise and hands-on experience. She’s partnered with a broad spectrum of employer, trustee and union groups to optimize drug plan utilization and mitigate costs. She’s also advised a wide range of organizations in both the private and public sectors across Canada to design and implement health and benefits management strategies.

Prior to joining Willis Towers Watson, Jung worked at British Columbia’s largest private insurer leading key innovations to its drug strategy. Also, as a clinical pharmacist, she gained critical acclaim for her innovation in developing the clinical practice of hospital pharmacists.


Nida Mian, senior strategist, Sun Life 

As the senior strategist, Nida is focused on Sun Life’s pharma offerings and is accountable for managing pharma activities and initiatives across the block of client. She is focused on the development of Sun Life’s pharma strategy and supports the business development teams across Canada on the drug plan management of benefits plans. Nida is a licensed practicing community pharmacist in Ontario. She holds a bachelor of science degree in pharmacy and a post-baccalaureate doctor of pharmacy degree from the University of Toronto. Prior to joining Sun Life, Nida has experience working in clinical research as well as experience as a clinical pharmacist in the pharmaceutical benefits industry. Nida is passionate about healthcare and welcomes discussions on this topic.


Daria O'Reilly, lead health economist, pharmacy consulting, health benefits management, TELUS Health

Daria O’Reilly holds a master’s degree and PhD in clinical epidemiology, as well as a post-doctoral fellowship in pharmacoeconomics. She became an associate professor in the department of health research methods, evidence and impact at McMaster University in 2007 and continues to hold a part-time appointment.

Over the past two decades, O’Reilly has worked in the area of health technology assessment for the government and the pharmaceutical industry to develop evidence to support informed health-care policy decision-making. She has also authored two book chapters and more than 100 scientific papers.

O’Reilly joined the TELUS Health team in September 2018 as lead health economist. Her priority is reviewing the economic evidence of drugs submitted for formulary listing, ensuring the results are relevant to the private payer and providing recommendations to help make evidence-informed reimbursement decisions based on cost-effectiveness.


Ned Pojskic, vice-president, pharmacy benefits management, Green Shield Canada

Ned Pojskic is Green Shield Canada’s vice-president of pharmacy benefits management. In this role, he is responsible for setting GSC’s strategic direction with respect to provider and drug benefits management. He takes the lead in managing stakeholder relations with all health care providers, including pharmacy, dental and paramedical. Ned is also responsible for overall drug formulary management, including pricing and policy as well as pharmaceutical industry partnerships.

With an industry background that includes a role as director of health policy for the Ontario pharmacists’ association, Ned is a key member of GSC’s strategic market solutions team. Ned holds masters and PhD degrees from the department of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Toronto and is currently appointed as an adjunct professor within the Leslie Dan faculty of pharmacy.


Barb Martinez, national practice leader, drug solutions, Canada Life

As the national practice leader, drug solutions in Canada Life’s Toronto office, Barb Martinez supports sales offices across Canada on prescription drug management initiatives. She plays a key role in supporting advisors and their plan sponsor clients, including designing and managing drug benefits plans with Canada Life drug solutions programs.

Martinez joined Canada Life in 2012 after 10 years at Mercer, where she led the Canadian drug benefits consulting team. She’s a regular speaker at industry forums and a frequent commentator on employer drug programs. Her past experience also includes 13 years in the pharmaceutical industry, where she worked in sales and marketing as well as government and professional affairs.


Joyce Wong, director, clinical services, Express Scripts Canada

Joyce Wong’s expertise represents years as a pharmacist and clinician and her knowledge spans health care in a few areas: community pharmacy, private health care insurance and pharmacy benefits management.

Prior to joining the organization, Wong dedicated more than 20 years working in community pharmacy and six years in the private health-care insurance and PBM industries. Looking for an opportunity to focus on the patient experience, she joined Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy (West) as its manager. Leveraging her experience and expertise, Wong soon became the director of clinical services, drug plan management and drug database. In this role, her teams are actively involved in developing and maintaining clinical programs, formularies and the drug database.

Wong’s vast knowledge of private drug plans and pharmacy services, coupled with her experience in community pharmacy, make her a valued member of the ESC team. In addition to a degree in pharmacy, she also has an MBA degree, which gives her a combination of both clinical and business knowledge.




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