Global Investment Conference

September 21-23, 2021 | JW Marriott The Rosseau


When the dust settles: A fundamentally different world?
The Global Investment Conference will take place just over one year after the coronavirus crisis first prompted widespread shutdowns around the globe. In response to the crisis, fiscal authorities opened their purse strings in ways never seen before and monetary policy-makers drove interest rates to historic lows, while also implementing unprecedented and widespread quantitative easing. On the political front, the U.S. voted in Joe Biden, who has a completely different approach to policy and foreign affairs than the previous administration. And news of a vaccine has become closer than ever. What will the world look like in the future as we move beyond the pandemic? And what will this mean for pension portfolios? The sessions at the 2021 Global Investment Conference will look to the future, while also reflecting on the foundational changes that have occurred over the past year and what these may mean for investors positioning themselves for the long term, both when it comes to risk management and finding new opportunities.

Who Should Attend?

The conference is an exclusive, educational forum that brings together senior representatives of Canadian pension plan sponsors, as well as representatives from the academic, custodial and money management communities.

How Do I Attend?
Participation is by invitation only. For more information on the Global Investment Conference, please email Alison Webb, publisher of Canadian Investment Review for consideration.

Canadian Investment Review is Canada's leading forum for academics, institutional investors and industry practitioners to exchange ideas on the capital markets, investment and economic theory and the related sociology and demographics. To that end, it publishes articles that offer original ideas based on existing literature and brings new insight to relevant themes and practices within the institutional investment community.

For more information, contact Cass Williamson-Hopp, senior conference editor, Canadian Investment Review.


Contact Robert Martins about availability.






Please email
Cassandra Williamson-Hopp
senior editor, conferences