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The conflation of medical and recreational cannabis can present challenges when it comes to workplace policies, says Gregory Clooney, a lawyer and senior legal consultant at Morneau Shepell Ltd. “This should be avoided as these are two very different concepts to be addressed within their own context,” he says. “Yes, there’s some potential overlap, but this can […]

Benefits fraud is a top concern among plan sponsors and insurance carriers, as it makes the cost of providing benefits plans more expensive, leading to higher insurance premiums. At Benefits Canada’s 2019 Benefits and Pension Summit in Toronto on April 17, Shelley Frohlich, director of fraud risk management in Sun Life Financial Inc.’s group benefits division, will […]

Learn how search terms reveal who we are at 2019 Benefits and Pension Summit

How can search terms help predict elections? Do parents secretly favour boys over girls? For Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a former data scientist at Google and the author of Everybody Lies, the answer to these questions isn’t found in traditional polls commonly used in most sectors, but rather in the billions of Google searches people make every day. Exploring choice […]

With the impending legalization of marijuana in Canada, what do plan sponsors need to consider? How will the workplace be affected by both recreational and medical marijuana? What are the legal implications? Should benefits plans cover medical marijuana? All these topics and more will be on the table during a panel discussion at Benefits Canada’s 2018 […]

As the workplace undergoes rapid transformation amid automation and technological advancements, plan sponsors will need to re-imagine the crossroads between new technology and employee benefits. The issues will be a key focus of panel discussion at Benefits Canada’s 2018 Benefits and Pension Summit on April 16, 2018, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Toronto. “I think what we’re trying to […]

With a mature system of defined contribution pension plans, Australia offers some lessons for how Canada’s industry may evolve.  At Benefits Canada’s upcoming Benefits and Pension Summit, Kim Hughes, head of product and services at QSuper, one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds, will share the plan’s experience in assisting members with financial well-being and retirement readiness. A […]