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The recent market turmoil caused by the coronavirus crisis has increased the focus on rebalancing decisions for many Canadian pension plans. As certain asset classes outperform others, a portfolio’s asset mix will drift overtime from its long-term targets. To ensure no significant divergence from the target, rebalancing triggers the sale of the strong performing asset […]

Digital is the new normal for committee and board meetings, so people must get used to it, says Rahul Bhardwaj, president and chief executive officer, of the Institute of Corporate Directors. Pension plan sponsors are under lots of strain in the current environment. “You want to make sure that you have efficient, effective meetings that […]


Over the years, the York University pension plan has performed well by all objective measures and made major changes to its asset allocation. Speaking at the Canadian Investment Review’s Plan Sponsor Exchange conference in February, Guy Burry, chair of the university’s pension investment committee, credited these accomplishments to the committee’s encouragement of diverse thinking instead […]


Since the Teachers’ Retirement Allowance Fund, which is the defined benefit pension plan for public school teachers and other eligible employees in Manitoba, was introduced in 1925, it has made significant strides around asset mix and governance. In the early days, the fund’s asset mix consisted largely of federal, provincial and municipal bonds, but in […]

  • By: Yaelle Gang
  • November 28, 2019 December 13, 2020
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Like many plans, the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Pension Plan came out of 2008 in rough shape. So, the government started to discuss what should be done to deal with the plan’s unfunded liability. In 2015, the agreement was made to turn the plan into a jointly sponsored pension plan, and the Teachers’ Pension Plan […]


In just a few short years, Concordia University’s pension plan has transformed its governance model and investment approach. Before the financial crisis, the university’s plan, like many plans, had its assets in a 60/40 mix, said Marc Gauthier, Concordia’s treasurer and investment officer. Yet, in the financial crisis, its funding ratio went from 101 per […]