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With Boris Johnson confirmed as the next leader of the Conservative Party and British prime minister, the outlook for the British economy has become murkier — and potentially more perilous. Johnson’s comprehensive victory over Jeremy Hunt has made it more likely that Britain could leave the European Union on Halloween without a withdrawal agreement, a […]


Direct exposure to emerging market equities may not be the best way to capture the growth potential of those economies. Instead, investors looking for the advantages of emerging market exposure should consider achieving it through holding companies based in developed economies that do business with emerging markets, according to a paper by Joon Woo Bae, […]

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  • July 12, 2019 January 9, 2021
  • 09:16
80% of institutional investors planning to raise allocations to China: survey

As talks of U.S.-China trade tensions dominate headlines, many investors are keeping a close watch. On June 29, 2019, U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping met on the margins of the G20 in Japan. What really stood out from the meeting is that an agreement was reached to resume trade negotiations, says […]


While Canada and the U.S. used to be best friends, that friendship is now on rocky ground, said Bruce Heyman, former U.S. ambassador to Canada who served under former president Barack Obama. “When I left, I felt our relationship was in good hands, and you can imagine how jarring it has been for me over […]


Economic deceleration in China in the fourth quarter of 2018 wasn’t significantly sharper than expected and a hard landing for China still isn’t on the horizon, said Andy Rothman, investment strategist at Matthews Asia in a recent Sinology report. Rothman explained  many investors were worried due to the perception that in the fourth quarter of 2018 China’s growth slowed more […]


In a world of volatility, with markets driven by trade wars, Trump tweets and talk of a potential recession on its way, Scotiabank vice-president and deputy chief economist is shining a light of optimism. “A slight slowing in growth is a very distinct thing from a recession,” said Brett House, speaking at the 2018 Defined […]

Watch equity markets closely as trade tension continues: experts

China’s Premier Wants to Avoid a Trade War

Li calls for rational actions over emotions.


The potential for opportunities in emerging markets.


Author Jeff Rubin says a renegotiated bi-lateral deal is better for Canada and its workers.