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The federal government will consider whether to include booster shots in the next version of the coronavirus vaccine mandate for its workers, said the Treasury Board as it reviews the rules. The government must review the need for the policy, which currently requires federal public servants to get two doses of the vaccine or face […]

While coronavirus vaccine mandates for employees have become a flashpoint in Canada recently, these types of mandates continue to be upheld in several jurisdictions around the world as the pandemic rages on. Here in Canada, a New Brunswick judge has rejected a bid by four public servants to overturn the province’s decision to place them on unpaid […]

Employers have had to navigate many unique legal issues this year, including how to deal with the issue of coronavirus vaccines and employees. One question that will continue to pop up in 2022 — what are the legal considerations for employers when a worker asks for a vaccine exemption? In the last few months, both […]

Kroger, the biggest traditional grocery chain in the U.S., is ending some benefits for unvaccinated workers as large employers attempt to compel more of their workforce to become vaccinated with cases of the coronavirus rising once again. Workers who haven’t received coronavirus vaccines will no longer be eligible to receive up to two weeks paid […]

Angry mobs of anti-vaccination protestors holding up handmade signs with messages like “freedom not fear” have been popping up across the country and around the globe for months. Emotions continue to run high both on the streets and within organizations grappling with how to move forward amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But employers looking to […]

Nevada will be the first state in the U.S. to charge state workers enrolled in public employee health insurance plans a surcharge if they aren’t vaccinated against the coronavirus. Earlier this month, the state Public Employees’ Benefit Program Board voted to charge unvaccinated workers up to US$55 per month to offset the costs of testing that those who […]

Employers are beginning to enforce rules for employees who aren’t vaccinated against the coronavirus. To go to work today, Ontario long-term care staff must have received their first coronavirus vaccine dose. Staff who don’t present proof of a first dose must instead show a medical exemption to be able to enter a long-term care home […]

A range of employers across Canada are starting to deal with some worker shortages as a result of a small percentage of employees not meeting deadlines for getting vaccinated against the coronavirus. Air Canada suspended more than 800 employees for not being fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, in line with federal rules. The vast majority of the airline’s […]

The deadline for employees in the core federal public service to declare their coronavirus vaccination status was Oct. 29, but unions say there are still many questions about how requests for accommodations will be handled. The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat said late last week that 240,000 employees have filed their attestations of their vaccine status to the government, out […]

A story looking at the award-winning strategy behind Canadian Forest Products Ltd.’s ongoing support for employees’ savings and retirement goals took the top spot over the past week on BenefitsCanada.com. Here are the five most popular news stories of the week: 1. Canfor wins award for educating employees on retirement savings 2. Ontario introducing right-to-disconnect legislation 3. Unvaccinated employees may […]

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