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Niagara Casinos took home the mental-health award at Benefits Canada‘s 2019 Workplace Benefits Awards in Toronto on Oct. 17 for its thorough and comprehensive approach to supporting its employees’ mental health. Its strategy, which is focused on awareness and prevention, aims to create and support a mentally healthy workplace, remove the stigma and provide resources […]

  • October 28, 2019 November 12, 2020
  • 09:00

At Benefits Canada‘s 2019 Workplace Benefits Awards, Scotiabank was recognized in the diversity category for a focus that’s “thoughtful” and “fulsome,” according to judges. “I think it’s becoming well-known — and research shows — that more diverse organizations perform better against their peers and are in the top quartile and in all sorts of different metrics,” said […]

  • October 22, 2019 November 12, 2020
  • 08:00

CGI Group Inc. is rolling out a new mental-health training and education opportunity specifically for its human resources employees. Set to launch in November, the initiative focuses on mental health and self-care and is part of a series of learning opportunities the information technology and business consulting company regularly provides for HR staff. “It’s opening […]

  • October 21, 2019 November 12, 2020
  • 09:15

With more than 1,400 mental-health apps available for download, and more entering the marketplace every day, are these tools an effective way for employers to support employee well-being? The journal Nature Digital Medicine, which estimated the number above, also found only 2.6 per cent of apps that are clinically relevant specifically for depression provided evidence […]

  • October 18, 2019 December 11, 2020
  • 08:56

Flexibility is on the top of Vanessa Sauve’s workplace wellness program wish list. As a registered nurse with Alberta Health Services in Edmonton, Alta., she finds that shift length, which is often 12 hours, can be a barrier to taking even a 15-minute lunch break, let alone participating in her employer’s wellness program. The AHS’s […]

  • October 18, 2019 March 6, 2021
  • 08:54

The requirement to measure and report on the quality of the health-care services delivered by providers is growing, alongside the redefined nature of the relationship between payers and health-care providers, such as pharmacy, said Ned Pojskic, leader of pharmacy and health provider relations at Green Shield Canada.  “This system . . . is designed in its very nature […]

  • October 18, 2019 November 12, 2020
  • 08:43

While employers want workplace cultures that make employees feel good and included, gauging and quantifying that experience can be difficult. Toronto-based company Receptiviti Inc. is aiming to help employers create and maintain “people-first” workplaces that make culture a priority, recognizing it’s a foundational part of organizational health and business performance. To do this, it’s analyzing language across […]

  • October 4, 2019 November 12, 2020
  • 09:40

Office workers in Vancouver are increasingly placing high value on workplace amenities that influence healthy and eco-friendly choices, according to a tenant satisfaction study by GWL Realty Advisors Inc.  The survey examined office design and building amenity preferences along with the commuting methods of 573 office workers at three Vancouver GWLRA-managed office buildings. In total, it canvassed […]

  • September 26, 2019 November 12, 2020
  • 09:00

Napoleon (Wolf Steel Ltd.) is rolling out a mental-health toolkit this week after seeking feedback from employees. The toolkit is the latest initiative in the global fireplace, grills, HVAC and manufacturing company’s mental-health journey, which started in 2016 with the launch of its workplace wellness program which focuses on four pillars of health including work/life […]

  • September 18, 2019 November 12, 2020
  • 09:15

The Health Association of Nova Scotia, which has a number of different employers in its benefits plan, cites rheumatoid arthritis medications as its top drugs in terms of cost. “Chronic disease, in terms of inflammatory disease — not just for rheumatoid, but for Crohn’s disease as well — those are what we’re seeing from a […]

  • September 13, 2019 March 6, 2021
  • 08:54