Working Well – October 2010 Editorial

As the new editorial lead for this publication, I want to thank you for being advocates of workplace health. It’s an important subject that doesn’t always get the time or resources it deserves. That said, many more companies are finally making the link between employee health and organizational health, which can only help how we all live and do our jobs.

In this issue we shine the light on the Who’s Who in Workplace Health Award winners. These people are true leaders in the industry, raising the bar and awareness on health and wellness.

Be sure to read our feature on stress in the workplace. Operating in a post-recessionary time can be difficult for both employers and employees, but there are ways you can relieve the emotional strain.

I’ve enjoyed bringing this issue together and I look forward to working with you on more articles that help you do your jobs better. Feel free to contact me with your ideas for future issues.