African Untapped Markets

story_images_oil_gas_miningIn the past five years, many African countries have generated some of the highest rates of GDP growth within the emerging markets.

However, Canadian pension funds have largely overlooked these opportunities to date.

An interesting new forum set for Toronto later this month, plans to reverse that trend by raising awareness of future potential prospects.

The Africa Business & Investment Forum is a three-day forum that will take place in Toronto later this month. Held April 26-28 at the Intercontinental Hotel on Front Street, it will be a unique gathering of Canadian business, finance and investment leaders now active in the Africa.

Organized by the Canadian Council on Africa, the Forum will explore the existing investment climate in Africa. It will look at foreign investment in Africa with a particular focus on Canadian investment. A series of presentations will hone in on regional opportunities as well as agri-business, micro finance, mining, natural resources and oil, and infrastructure.

For more information on the Africa Business & Investment Forum, download the PDF.