Making A Case for Global Real Estate

events_headshots-Max-SwangoReal estate has grown into a genuinely cross-border, global asset class.

Max Swango, Managing Director with Invesco says the attraction stems from its diversification benefits, in terms of geography and asset class correlation and its potential to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Max will address the current outlook in the real estate market globally at the upcoming Global Investment Conference next week. He’ll also show how Canadian DB plans how they can best position themselves to take advantage of specific real estate opportunities, which countries will thrive for real estate and what the hidden risks are when investing in this sector.

Max has been with Invesco Real Estate since 1988. For the last 11 years, he has served as IRE’s Director of Product and Client Portfolio Management. He is responsible for developing and managing real estate investment products for Invesco’s diverse client base and for overseeing existing and new client and consultant relationships. He spent the first 10 years with the firm in the acquisitions group originating direct real estate investments.

Max serves on the editorial advisory board of the Institutional Real Estate Letter and is a member of numerous other retirement system industry associations, including PREA, SACRS, CALAPRS and TEXPERS.

He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a double major in Real Estate and Finance from The University of Texas at Austin.  Max has 22 years of real estate experience.

For more information on the Global Investment Conference, visit Upcoming Events.