Conference Coverage: 2022 DC Plan Summit

The 2022 Defined Contribution Plan Summit, which was hosted in Victoria, B.C. on May 11-13, featured several case studies from innovative DC plan sponsors, as well as presentations by thought leaders to help employers embrace their employees’ evolving financial priorities and prepare for the future.

Across the two-day event, the themes included: rethinking retirement in the context of the future of work; developing a holistic employee well-being offering that includes financial well-being; the evolution of pension legislation and what’s next for regulators and DC plan sponsors; incorporating sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion into pension plan design; and how employers are modernizing their DC plans.

Here’s what you missed:

Leonard Brody
Emmy-nominated business visionary
A look at the future of work, retirement as society enters a reset moment

Over the last three centuries, society has been living in a repetitive cycle featuring large and substantial reset moments. To think of these as historical blips is a mistake, said Leonard Brody, an Emmy-nominated business visionary, during the keynote session.

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Margaret Adaniel
Manulife Investment Management
Highlighting plan members’ financial stressors, connection to overall well-being

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, five major stressors are impacting Canadians’ overall well-being, with four of these related to finances: the knowledge gap, financial stress at home and work, retirement and basic needs, said Margaret Adaniel, head of retirement marketing at Manulife Investment Management.

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Simon Cabral
How Scotiabank connects financial wellness to overall well-being

Simon Cabral, Scotiabank’s director of global defined contribution plans, shared how the organization ties employees’ financial wellness into their broader well-being.

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Ruthann M. Pritchard
Fidelity Investments
Considering historical regimes in building a DC plan investment portfolio

Building a defined contribution pension plan’s investment portfolio should incorporate the benefits and drawbacks of various historical regimes to provide a strong foundation, said Ruthann Pritchard, institutional portfolio manager for global asset allocation at Fidelity Investments.

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Barbara Sanders
Simon Fraser University
Tracing the roots of dynamic pension pools across history, geographies

Dynamic pension pools can have a significant and positive impact on retirement outcomes if they’re supported by the appropriate legislative changes, said Barbara Sanders, associate professor in statistics and actuarial science at Simon Fraser University.

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Lianne Buchanan
Definity Insurance

Louise Koza
Western University

Eric Monteiro
Sun Life Group Retirement Services
Aligning organizational sustainability strategies with DC pension plans

While many organizations have launched a sustainability strategy, Sun Life Financial Inc.’s strategy is anchored in three fundamental principles: financial security, sustainable investing and living healthier lives, according to Eric Monteiro, the insurer’s senior vice-president in group retirement, during a panel discussion.

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Nadia Savva
MFS Investment Management

Jenine Garrelick
MFS Fund Distributors Inc.
The impact of career gaps, caregiving on women’s retirement readiness

When it comes to educating women about retirement and their finances, the needle hasn’t moved enough in the past few decades because the language being used by the industry isn’t connecting to what’s really going on, said Jenine Garrelick, senior managing director at MFS Fund Distributors Inc.

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Jennifer Katzsch
Desjardins Insurance

Carol Craig
Considering flexibility when implementing in-plan decumulation

While defined contribution pension plan sponsors are focusing on providing members with information, education and guidance to ensure they’re ready for retirement, advice is becoming more holistic and covering a financial wellness continuum, said Jennifer Katzsch, regional vice-president for Western Canada, group retirement savings at Desjardins Insurance.

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Ken Adams
Foresters Financial

Kate Interisano
Niagara Casinos

Josee Turgeon
How are DC plan sponsors modernizing their savings plans?

In a panel discussion, three defined contribution pension plan sponsors shared how their plans are evolving to ensure retirement savings are flexible, maximize employee engagement and cater to members’ divergent financial needs.

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Tracy Fogale
Kraft Heinz Canada
Kraft-Heinz merger kicks off review, streamlining of pension plan

With the 2015 merger of Kraft Foods and H.J. Heinz Co., Kraft Heinz Canada was left with a “mixed bag” of savings and retirement programs. It’s goal for a new streamlined program was a mandatory base plan and a voluntary component with 100 per cent employee participation.

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Elisha Ribeiro
Canada Life

Ryan Weiss
Canada Life
Reviewing retirement savings through a DEI lens

An open dialogue about diversity, equity and inclusion is vital for raising the resilience and overall wealth of pension plan members, said Ryan Weiss, vice-president of group customer national accounts at Canada Life, during a session at Benefits Canada‘s 2022 DC Plan Summit.

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Lisa Weber
Canadian Forest Products Inc. (Canfor)
Canfor’s multi-year financial wellness program goes beyond retirement

Providing tools to help defined contribution pension plan members make solid financial decisions rather than making the decisions for them was the impetus for Canadian Forest Products Inc.’s multi-year financial wellness program, according to Lisa Weber, the company’s pension and benefits advisor.

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