Coverage of the 2023 Risk Management Conference

An effective risk management culture can’t be built on buzzwords — though defined benefit pension plan sponsors hear them a lot.

In recent years, they’ve seen countless pitches for cutting-edge products promising to improve risk adjusted returns — from next-generation cybersecurity suites and investment algorithms to services designed to improve regulatory responsiveness and expand legal protections. Figuring out which offer real value is no easy task.

At the Canadian Investment Review‘s 2023 Risk Management Conference, a group of DB plan sponsors came together to hear from the experts equipped to separate the signal from the noise.

Here’s what you missed!


Chantal Hébert
Political commentator, journalist, columnist and author
Canada’s ongoing housing crisis may spur regime change in next federal election

Canadians could see a regime change in the next federal election if the current housing crisis holds tight, according to Chantal Hébert, political commentator, journalist, columnist and author.

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Seth Weingram
Acadian Asset Management
Are concentrated equity strategies living up to their premise?

Despite an attractive pitch to asset owners, concentrated equity strategies may be letting investors down, according to Seth Weingram, senior vice-president and director of client advisory at Acadian Asset Management.

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Michael Cook
CIBC Asset Management
New dynamics in interest rates markets creating opportunities, risks for institutional investors

Institutional investors’ strategic approach to interest rates must evolve to properly reflect the risks and opportunities in today’s markets, according to Michael Cook, vice-president of client relations and liability-driven investment client portfolio manager at CIBC Asset Management.

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Corrado Russo
Hazelview Investments
Public real estate markets offer significant upside during high inflation

The underlying conservatism of public real estate investment markets can provide an inflation-proof cushion for institutional investors in uncertain times, said Corrado Russo, managing partner and head of global securities at Hazelview Investments.

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Ilan Kolet
Fidelity Investments
How labour market pressures are affecting inflation rates

A tight labour market will have to loosen up in order to help reduce inflation rates, said Ilan Kolet, institutional portfolio manager at Fidelity Investments.

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Duncan Farley
RBC Global Asset Management
Event-driven credit helping institutional investors find diamond assets in the rough

Institutional investors don’t have to wait for choppy waters to invest in event-driven credit, according to Duncan Farley, portfolio manager on the BlueRay fixed income team at RBC Global Asset Management.

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Mitch Frazer
Mintz LLP
Super-priority bill fallout presenting DB plan sponsors with opportunities to embrace more innovative plans

Defined benefit pension plan sponsors that are considering winding up their plans or converting them to another framework following the federal government’s super-priority bill have more innovative options, according to Mitch Frazer, managing partner at Mintz LLP.

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Barbara Zvan
University Pension Plan
How the University Pension Plan is focusing on active investing in its climate action plan

During the launch of the University Pension Plan, Barbara Zvan, its president and chief executive officer, knew getting to know the plan’s members was vital to its goal of providing a strong, resilient fund that secured benefits for generations to come.

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Charles Myers
Signum Global Advisors
U.S. political landscape offering uncertain outlook for institutional investors

The U.S. political roadmap ahead may present new challenges for institutional investors, according to Charles Myers, chairman of Signum Global Advisors.

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Vikram Rajagopalan
Trez Capital
Supply, demand outweighing negative impacts of interest rates on real estate sector

Supply and demand are outweighing the negative impacts that interest rates are having on real estate in the short term, according to Vikram Rajagopalan, senior managing director at Trez Capital.

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Hugh O’Reilly
Innovate Cities
Risk environment leading to confusing progression of ESG metrics

The rising opposition to environmental, social and governance metrics could lead to a confusing landscape for institutional investors evaluating the impact of their assets, said Hugh O’Reilly, executive director of Innovate Cities.

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Carmen Firmani
British Columbia Investment Management Corp.
A look at BCI’s transformation from a decentralized to a centralized trading approach

A centralized trading approach forms the backbone of the recently revamped British Columbia Investment Management Corp., offering a more protective process for its stakeholders, according to Carmen Firmani, senior manager of client relations at the BCI.

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Duncan Burrill
Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Pension Plan
Interest rate lessons from the CBC Pension Plan’s LDI strategy

Defined benefit pension plan sponsors must consider the downsides of using a liability-driven investment strategy, particularly the role of interest rates, said Duncan Burrill, managing director and chief executive officer of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Pension Plan.

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