The keys to creating a mentally healthy workplace

Employers may not always be able to see their employees’ mental-health challenges but they can see the results in the workplace. What are some of the causes of mental-health issues and how can employers recognize when an employee is having difficulties?

At the 2016 Mental Health Summit in Toronto on Nov. 8, experts provided insight into mental-health issues at work and offered up actionable takeaways for how to address them and create a mentally healthy and productive workplace.

Below are some of the highlights of the sessions from the event.

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A look at the role of biomarkers in improving mental-health treatments
Major depression is more likely to be a heterogeneous group of disorders rather than a single condition, Dr. Sidney Kennedy, professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto, told Benefits Canada’s Mental Health Summit in Toronto.
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Promoting mental wellness through creativity and open dialogue
Lakeside Process Controls Ltd. had gone eight years without a disability claim, but the company took notice when it saw three mental health-related short-term disability claims in the last two years.
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Integrated programs key to successful workplace mental-health strategies
How can employers implement a strategic wellness program to make a difference to employees’ mental health?
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Is society too quick to turn to antidepressants?
At $45 million per year, antidepressant claims are “the biggest spend in our drug portfolio,” Peter Gove, health innovation leader at Green Shield Canada, told Benefits Canada’s Mental Health Summit in Toronto.
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Linking financial, physical wellness to mental health
What do finances have to do with our mental health? Quite a lot, actually.
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Employers urged to make it easier to discuss mental health at work
On any given week, thousands of Canadians won’t make it into work due to a mental-health problem or illness.
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Panel discussion: How to support employees with PTSD
With growing awareness of the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, what’s the role of employers in supporting employees dealing with it?
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