Canada’s officially in a recession, the loonie remains weak, and the debate about boosting the public pension system is still raging. What do decision-makers have to say about all that?

“They want to cut programs, and they hope in vain that the same plan that has been in place for the last 10 years will still work and will kick-start the economy.” —Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau about the economic plans of the NDP and the Conservatives, after the news that Canada’s in a recession.
“We will ensure that when a Canadian is promised a pension, they get it. We will make sure that Canadians can afford to retire with dignity.” —NDP leader Tom Mulcair on his federal election promise to expand the CPP.
“The concern that we should have when it comes to Ontario’s economy is that, if people retire without adequate income, that has the potential to slow consumption. It’s not good for the individual, it’s not good for business, and it’s not good for the economy as a whole.” —Mitzie Hunter, Ontario’s associate minister of finance, in response to criticism that the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan would make hiring more expensive and slow the economy.
“I think it’s more important to describe the reality of the situation rather than to have labels.” —Prime Minister Stephen Harper in response to data that Canada’s in a recession.
“I honestly reject the notion that I’m talking down the dollar. It’s not about what we did. It’s about how the economy has behaved.” —Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz in response to accusations that he’s trying to boost growth by weakening the loonie.
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