Imagine the workplace without the sleek gadgets we have today. Impossible, right? But somehow, we managed. Here’s a brief look back—and forward—at the then and now of modern technology.

Can you hear me now?
Some of us remember not so fondly the “shoe phones” of the past. Did you know that, today, the average phone user checks his or her phone up to 110 times a day? And watch out for those who “wext” (walk and text)!

Follow the leader
We used to look for body language cues to see the impact of our words on others. Now we strive to interpret it through emoticons, hashtags, retweets and followers. #change #technology #emotionalintelligence

There was a time when the functionality of personal computers was mainly limited to word processing and playing Pac-Man. Today, employees stare at a screen all day…then go home and stare at more screens.

Run, baby, run
Sitting is the new smoking, with a number of studies showing the detrimental physical and mental effects of a sedentary lifestyle. While we blame technology for getting us to this point, it may also be the solution to get us moving again.

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