Canadians want to work during retirement

For many people, retirement no longer marks the official end to their working lives, but rather the starting point for fulfilling the dreams they want to accomplish.

A TD survey finds more than one-third of people ages 18 to 64 want to work part-time or casually at something they love after they retire, one in five wants to volunteer, and one in 10 wants to start a small business.

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The most popular ways to finance these dreams are with RRSPs, general savings, pensions and investments.

“Retirement may have been viewed as an end goal in the past, but many retirees and pre-retirees now see it as another one of life’s milestones,” says Linda MacKay, senior vice-president, TD retail savings and investing. “People still want to travel and spend time with family, but a significant number also want to stay productive and engaged during their retirement and are looking for the financial means to do it.”

More than 1,912 Canadians participated in the survey.

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