Conference Coverage: 2018 Calgary Drug Plans Summit

The 2018 Calgary Drug Trends Summit shone a spotlight on a wide range of trends, from new advances in drug and lifestyle therapies to the impact of cannabis legalization on benefits coverage to drug plan cost management.

Here are some of the highlights of the sessions:

A look at pharmacist-led deprescribing using therapeutic nutrition intervention
Achieving radiant health through nutrition is an ancient trend that southern Alberta pharmacist Melissa Hozack is helping to revive. Read more

Using biologics in atopic dermatitis therapy
Minna Fein-Leenen was living a happy, healthy life until 2011 when she developed atopic dermatitis, a chronic inflammatory skin disease. Read more

Recreational marijuana legalization raises new questions for employers
The recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada has brought up a lot of new questions for employers. Read more

Disease, health-care cost reductions among opportunities for plan sponsors around vaccines
Well beyond childhood vaccines and the annual flu shot, the role of vaccines is evolving, from saving lives to improving life-long health and well-being. Read more

Addressing drug plan sustainability in the face of rising costs
The landscape in the pharmaceutical world is forever changing, as drug costs continue to rise and drug plan sustainability is at risk. Read more

Future trends in drug plan costs and the national pharmacare debate
Private drug plans are hugely valuable, for employees and employers alike, and they need to continue to be a part of the national drug landscape, even with a pharmacare program. Read more