Conference Coverage: 2018 Pharmacy Solutions in Drug Plan Management Forum

On Sept. 25 in Mississauga, Ont., the 2018 Pharmacy Solutions in Drug Plan Management Forum presented five sessions looking at the value that pharmacy brings to private drug plans, benefits plan member experience and health outcomes.

Here are some of the highlights of the sessions:

Leveraging pharmacy services to improve care, drive value
As pharmacists’ scope of practice continues to evolve to meet changing health-care needs, plan sponsors need to leverage these services to improve care and drive value.
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Pharmacist-led nutritional intervention touted in reversal of type 2 diabetes
While Type 2 diabetes is generally considered to be a chronic, progressive condition, a recent clinical trial showed that with pharmacist-led therapeutic nutritional intervention, reversal is a realistic goal.
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Successful specialty drug management requires a multi-pronged approach
Many effective strategies exist when it comes to managing specialty drug costs, but a coordinated approach that takes the financial, clinical and pharmacy elements into account is key to achieving a balance between access and spending. 
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Legalization of recreational cannabis won’t disrupt distinct medical pot system
Although the landscape is set to change dramatically with the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, plan sponsors and members can expect a distinct system for medical cannabis to continue.
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New program measures performance of Canada pharmacies
A new program that aims to move community pharmacies away from a transactional relationship with payors to a shared accountability for patient health outcomes is underway, beginning with measuring performance.
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