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Provincial health provisions.

The Canadian healthcare system and its physicians have been in the media spotlight recently, as deals are made to keep costs down and service levels up. Here’s a look at some of the more recent arrangements and how some provincial budgets are addressing healthcare.

Ontario – The Ontario Medical Association’s 24,000 doctors ratified a new contract with the provincial government in March. Some features:
• A retroactive increase of 2.5% for general and family practitioners, and a 2% increase for specialists
• Elimination of billing thresholds to help shorten wait times for tests and treatment
• A new wait-list strategy to address physicians’ concerns

Saskatchewan – Total health budget in 2005-2006: $2.9 billion
• Increase from 2004-2005: $192 million or 7.1%
• Percentage allocated to health provider wages and benefits: 72
• Percentage of overall government program spending devoted to healthcare: 44
• Funding to regional health authorities: $1.8 billion
• Increase from 2004-2005: $87 million or 5.1%

Manitoba – Wait-lists for hip and knee surgeries will be targeted with $10 million in health accord funding to increase surgeries throughout the province by 1,000 procedures over two years.

A new regulation has been approved that will allow registered nurses who meet the qualifications and pass a national exam to independently order diagnostic tests, prescribe drugs and perform certain medical procedures.

British Columbia – A $230-million increase has been made to help fund the province’s six health authorities. This money is expected to help such things as:
• Improve access to mental health and addiction services
• Increase the recruitment, retention and education of healthcare professionals
• Deliver effective community and health-based services

Commitments have been made to increase health spending by an additional $700 million by 2007-2008.

Prince Edward Island – Features of the most recent budget:
• Four regional health authorities and provincial health authority to be scrapped
• Separate social services department to be created

Source: Provincial Ministry of Health Web sites.

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