Morneau Shepell expanding online CBT programs

Morneau Shepell Ltd. is expanding its internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy solution with a series of new programs, in response to a growing need for these services during the coronavirus pandemic.

Programs covering trauma, grief and loss will be available on the AbilitiCBT platform by the end of 2020, while those focused on obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety issues such as panic disorder and social anxiety to launch in early 2021. The programs will be available in both English and French.

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“Our extensive clinical data and comprehensive mental-health research continues to indicate a strong and growing need for additional therapist-assisted digital mental-health programs during these challenging times,” said Nigel Branker, president of health and productivity solutions at Morneau Shepell, in a press release.

“We are committed to expanding our support and working with our partners to help as many Canadians as we can.”