Starbucks expands housing, sabbatical benefits to Chinese employees

Starbucks is expanding its sabbatical leave policy and its housing allowance subsidy to its 30,000 Chinese employees.

The organization’s full-time baristas and shift supervisors will have access to its Career Coffee Break, which allows employees with 10 years of consecutive service to apply for up to 12 months of unpaid leave. The employees company benefits will continue through the year-long break.

It is also offering all full-time employees a monthly housing allowance subsidy to help them overcome the initial financial challenges of starting their careers. According to Starbucks, the benefit is expected to cover, on average, 50% of employee’s monthly housing expenditures.

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“These and other industry-leading partner investments demonstrate our continued commitment to support our China partners to achieve their personal and professional aspirations,” said Belinda Wong, president of Starbucks China.

Other aspects of Starbucks China’s current pay and benefits program, includes: health insurance for all full- and part-time employees; the Starbucks Bean Stock program, which gives all employees equity in the company; ongoing training and development opportunities at the Starbucks China University; and the Talent Exchange Program, which sent 16 employees to a one-year exchange program in Singapore.