Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada has launched an online network of health resources that’s free for all Canadians.

The online platform, called Lumino Health, provides information about more than 150,000 health-care providers, including dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, vision-care providers and psychologists. In addition, it offers more than six million ratings about these providers from Sun Life plan members who have used the services, as well as the ability to compare provider costs.

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“What’s unique about Lumino Health is how quick and easy it is to find a health provider that fits your needs,” said Chris Denys, senior vice-president of possibilities at Sun Life Financial, in a press release. “We want Lumino Health to be your one-stop-shop by providing credible information with an easy-to-use tool to make searching for what you need as simple as booking a hotel. By doing so, we hope it will empower Canadians to live healthier lives.”

The website also includes information such as the languages spoken by the provider, their hours of operation and if they offer the option to request an appointment online. As well, it includes the latest apps, products and solutions from health innovators, supported by reviews, and advice on how to lead a healthier life from health industry experts.

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