Urban Nature Store will offer paid time off to all of its full- and part-time hourly employees who choose to receive the coronavirus vaccine, regardless of whether their vaccination appointment times are scheduled during or outside of work hours.

The Canadian-owned, regional store chain will provide vaccinated employees, from each of its seven southern Ontario locations, with one full day’s pay in order to ensure there’s no financial barrier discouraging them from getting the shot.

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“The health and well-being of our employees is our top priority,” said Paul Oliver, the store’s founder, in a press release. “While the decision ultimately lies with individual staff members, we want to support those who choose to get vaccinated by alleviating any potential concern they may have surrounding time off and loss of pay. Over the past year, we have received tremendous support from our dedicated employees and this plan is one meaningful way we can support them in return.”

Urban Nature Store is also encouraging its fellow employers, and multi-national retailers continuing to operate through the pandemic, to pledge the same commitment to their employees and pay for vaccination time off. A number of U.S.-based companies have already announced they’ll also provide pay to employees who receive the coronavirus vaccination, including Bridgestone, which announced earlier this month its offering US$100 payments to its approximately 33,000 employees in the U.S. to get vaccinated.

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