Vacation time cited as a top factor when considering job offers

Canadians put a big emphasis on vacation time and paid time off when considering a job offer, according to a survey by Accountemps.

The staffing firm’s survey asked more than 550 Canadian workers what they consider to be the most important factor, besides salary, when fielding a job offer. Overall, 26 per cent of respondents said vacation or paid time off was the most crucial factor, followed closely by the potential for career advancement, at 25 per cent of participants.

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In addition, 22 per cent of respondents said corporate culture and work environment were most important, while 10 per cent cited the opportunity for professional training and development. Seven per cent cited options to work from home.

About a third (33 per cent) of younger employees, aged between 18 and 34, said career advancement was the most important factor when considering a new job, compared to 23 per cent of that group who said vacation and paid time off mattered most and 22 per cent who cited corporate culture.

Among employees aged between 35 and 54, 30 per cent ranked vacation and paid time off as the most important consideration, compared to 22 per cent of that age group who cited career advancement and the same percentage who emphasized corporate culture and work environment.

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“Candidates today consider more than money when evaluating potential employers,” said David King, Canadian president of Accountemps, in a news release. “To remain competitive, hiring managers need to highlight what they offer beyond salary.

“Promoting flexible compensation packages that provide the benefits and professional resources employees value most will help to cultivate a more attractive corporate culture and engaging work environment.”

The survey also found 27 per cent of men indicated vacation and paid time off is the most important factor, besides the paycheque, when considering a job offer, compared to 24 per cent of women.

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