Who are the top earners in pensions and HR in Ontario’s public sector?

What’s the going rate for high-ranking employees involved in pensions, benefits and human resources in Ontario’s public sector?

Using the sunshine list for 2015, Benefits Canada compiled a list of top earners involved in pensions, benefits, human resources, compensation and total rewards who work in Ontario’s public sector. The sunshine list covers the Ontario government as well as organizations in the broader public sector such as agencies, hospitals, municipalities and school boards.

When it comes to the human resources, pensions and benefits sphere, an executive with the Pan American Games tops the list followed by several employees at the Ontario Pension Board.

Topping the list is Karen Hacker, who besides her role as senior vice-president of human resources was also general counsel with the Pan Am Games. With a salary of $789,881 last year, she earned almost $50,000 more than the Ontario Pension Board’s executive vice-president and chief investment office, Jill Pepall, who took in $740,378.

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The Ontario Pension Board had a number of employees who also ranked high on the list, including president and chief executive officer Mark Fuller at $640,709. Other big earners were in the health sector, including Susan O’Dowd, vice-president of human resources and commercial services at the Hospital for Sick Children, and Marilyn Reddick, vice-president of human resources and pharmacy at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. O’Dowd earned $356,981 while Reddick took in $353,360.

Click here to view Benefits Canada‘s list of 200 of the top earners with job titles in the areas of pensions, benefits, human resources and investments (zoom in to enlarge the list and use the cursor to move around it). The list includes employees involved with the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan, such as associate deputy minister Nanji Mahmood. The Ontario government released the sunshine list in late March of all public sector employees earning more than $100,000 per year.