Workers don’t feel the love from their employers

Many American employees love their companies, but only a fraction of them feel that their employers reciprocate.

A survey by Virgin Pulse, a provider of employee wellness programs, reveals that less than 2% of respondents hate their company and want out, while a majority of American employees have positive feelings toward their jobs. The reasons? For more than one-third of respondents, it’s because they’re doing interesting or challenging work that keeps them engaged. For 22%, it’s because they feel passionate about what the company stands for and its mission. And 12% cite their co-workers as the main reason.

However, these employees feel that their companies don’t reciprocate often. Only 25% of respondents feel that their company really values them and shows it often, while 41% report that they get only occasional recognition. Twenty-nine percent say their employers only pay them a compliment every now and then. Five percent feel as if their employer doesn’t know they exist or feel so undervalued that they want to leave.

So how can organizations show their love? More than one-third of respondents say companies can demonstrate that they care about their staff by supporting work/life balance and overall quality of life. Another third say employers can do that through compensation. Employees also say they feel appreciated through healthcare and wellness benefits, DC plans, career development and training opportunities.

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