Receiving peer recognition for an innovative communications strategy was among the reasons the Co-operative Superannuation Society pension plan entered Benefits Canada‘s 2020 Workplace Benefits Awards, according to Nicole Quintal, communications manager for the plan.

“Quite a few peers in the industry reached out to us after we won the award and it was great to get that feedback,” she says. “We know quite a few pension funds are looking to technology in regards to their communications strategies. To see that alignment start to form is a positive step for the pension industry.”

Read: CSS pension plan recognized for digital-first communications strategy

Last year, the CSS pension plan received the pension plan communications award for its digital-first communications strategy, which includes an online portal and e-newsletter for plan members. “We’re just giving our members essentially what they’ve asked for through surveys. The world is changing and technology is rapidly advancing, so we’re just aligning ourselves with that shift. The traditional communications tools just can’t get the message out fast enough in a world that’s connected in real time.”

The award was also a boost for the CSS pension plan, says Quintal, and has created momentum to enhance the communications plan even further. “It was a large accomplishment for our organization. We all worked very hard over the last few years to implement this communications strategy. Communications typically support the organization as a whole, so our staff were fully involved and committed to implementing the strategy.”

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