The Trustees of the General Synod Pension Plan (GSPP) are very pleased to announce the appointment of Rekha Menon as Executive Director of the GSPP and of The Pension Office Corporation of the Anglican Church of Canada, effective January 1, 2023.

Most recently the Deputy Director and Compliance Officer of the GSPP, Ms. Menon has been a valued member of The Pension Office staff for over 10 years, and has a deep understanding and appreciation of the Office’s culture of committed service to the members and participating employers of the GSPP. Prior to joining The Pension Office, Ms. Menon worked as a corporate secretary in the pharmaceutical and automobile sectors in India, where she obtained her Bachelor of Commerce degree.

With assets of $1 billion, the General Synod Pension Plan is a multi-employer target benefit plan serving over 6,000 members and 100 participating employers. The Trustees look forward to continuing to work with Ms. Menon to maintain the GSPP’s enviable financial position and first-rate service, while offering the benefits of the GSPP to a growing number of participating employers who seek to provide the unique benefits of a target benefit pension plan to their employees.

For more information about the GSPP please refer to our plan brochure or the GSPP Linked-In page