Despite the best efforts of capital accumulation plan (CAP) sponsors to provide education and tools, most members will never become financial experts. But what does that mean for plan sponsors and for the retirement readiness of employees? Our 2014 CAP Member Survey polled both CAP sponsors and members to determine the discrepancies between their views and expectations. Read on to see what they really think—and mind the gaps.

What CAP members think…

  • 66% trust the default investment option chosen by their employer will provide them with adequate funds for retirement
  • 54% agree their employer has a responsibility to ensure the investment choices they make in their workplace retirement plans are the best choices for them
  • 42% believe that, ultimately, their employer has a responsibility to ensure they retire with enough funds to live at an acceptable standard of living

What CAP sponsors think…

  • 27% think the default option should be a conservative choice that will not lose money
  • 95% agree they have a responsibility to provide employees with tools and resources to help them make sound investment decisions about their retirement plans
  • 97% say it’s the responsibility of employees to take an active role in their CAP to ensure they can retire successfully

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2014 CAP Member Survey: